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reducing image sizes

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by geoffbristol, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. geoffbristol

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    Just as record of this - as all I searched no one seemed to give the right info !
    You can re-size images in marshmallow ( moto g3rd ) - and do it with some accuracy too.

    Use 'Gallery' - open image, go to edit mode - in there top right menu - choose 'export'.
    You get a box up that allows you to alter image pixel width/height ( holds the image propotions ) - to any figure one wants - even to 70x 70 thumbnail if you want ! Also - one can drag a slider for jpg compression.
    It then saves the reduced image alongside the original - (modified file name in the file explorer )

    To check which is which - as they look the same, open the image in normal view - then top right menu for - 'details'. It tells you image size etc.

    If sending to gmail - gmail will put the image size attached to the email preview box - so its clear threre you have the 1.6kb version, as opposed to the 4.6mb original !

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