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RedWolf Recovery for Orbic Wonder

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jasonmerc, May 7, 2019.

  1. jasonmerc

    jasonmerc Well-Known Member
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    For a little while there I had an Orbic of my own, but that caused mass-hysteria on Verizon's part because you aren't supposed to try and put a post paid SIM in a pre paid phone or it won't work. However it doesn't just "not work", it totally f***s up your account big time to the point where no one knows how to fix it. It turns your postpaid SIM into a prepaid one and locks you out, among some other things too that generally turn your smile into a frown. Long story short I was without service for 5 days straight and ended up having to return my Orbic and get an X4 from Best Buy (so I guess there's a happy ending to it). Lesson learned, won't be trying that again. Hopefully this message can prevent someone else from making the same mistake as well

    Anyway, during that very short time I had the Orbic I managed to make a dirty port of something called RedWolf Recovery. I had this sitting around on my computer and almost forgot about it entirely. Think TWRP but it has different branding and much more features, like more partitions it can back up and a theme engine that's supposedly much better than TWRP's

    • Everything except what's listed below
    • Basically the same stuff as my dirty port of normal TWRP, check that out HERE
    • If you find anything else let us know. I might not be able to fix it entirely since I don't have proper source code to work from (all these images are pre-compiled dirty ports) but at least everyone else can be aware to stay away from certain things if they break something
    • To install it just flash it in fastboot like you would the normal TWRP image
    • I can't exactly provide any "source code" either since all of my stuff are dirty ports. However all of the images I use I will link to so you can still have access to everything I did to work with


    • Team RedWolf for that bangin' recovery I could pull from
    • XDA user Devil7DK for making the Redmi 3S port of RedWolf, that has the same chipset as the Orbic so that's what I used to dirty port. Check out his original thread HERE
    • Team Orbic for the usual help they'd always provide before
    • Carliv Image Kitchen for letting me do all those dirty ports and mods of images that I did

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  2. Ghostoftime

    Ghostoftime Newbie

    Just tested it out and it works perfectly, I was able to flash files. So far on my end it's flawless good job. works on both Orbics.
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  3. jasonmerc

    jasonmerc Well-Known Member
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    Put your screenshots in the OP too. Since we don't have source for ROMs yet I'm just gonna keep porting more recoveries to give everyone a wider selection for that at least
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  4. Ghostoftime

    Ghostoftime Newbie

    It's running smoothly.
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  6. jasonmerc

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