I am a new user. Samsung Rugby phone, 2.3
and it's the first Android device I've worked with .
Seems stable.
I have a question about KiesAir, if anybody can advise.
I can connect just fine to the phone on my pc.
However, I want to maintain my phone contacts and have run into a snag.
I can see all my contacts, but the ones on the phone cannot be selected to delete, or edited.
I'd post a picture, but it doesn't seem to be allowed. ... or is it?
Is this normal?
Perhaps the SIM is locked?


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Hello Rees. Welcome to Android Forums. You will want to check out the discussion / support area for your Rugby. That area can be found by following this link:
Samsung Rugby Smart - Android Forums
The friendly members there know your phone well and are best suited to assist you. Good luck and thanks for using these forums.