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    Hey guys,

    For the past two-three weeks I've been working on an android app which today I launched the Android app for Reflap. It's available right now on the Play store and it allows you to chat with your friends for free all the time, read and send private messages, manage your Reflap contacts, and some other stuff. It supplements a web app I had launched earlier also called Reflap which is a play where you can video chat with your friends for free, get called through your call address, basically a communication app. I will be adding group chat and video chat to the Android app soon as well. I'm quite stocked that I went from zero to app in less than three weeks especially that it was the first time I really played with Android.

    Anyway it will be great if you guys download the app and give me some feedback. Also if you want to ask development questions as well, fire away.

    Just search Reflap in the google play store.


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