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Refurb Droid X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dmiller2007, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I just received my refurb droid x and its complete garbage. All stock and it lags like crazy in every aspect of the phone. I've literally shut it off three times the past hour to avoid throwing it. my swype keyboard will stop responding for twenty seconds after every word. Sometimes it stops in the middle of words. Every part of the phone behaves like this. I'm going to try a custom rom to see if it helps. It came installed with 2.2 also. Anyone else having these problems with refurb phones?

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  2. wxman2003

    wxman2003 Android Enthusiast

    That's why I hate refurbs. No one really knows what their "rigorous" testing really is with refurbs, or if it really exists. If it was someone else's problem, there is a chance it will become your problem, as in your case.
  3. swagner53

    swagner53 Android Enthusiast

    I just received a refurb. My original suddenly had no sound during calls- but all other sounds worked. Of course I did factory resets etc.

    My refurb is excellent. It had proper plastic coverings on the camera, flash, and screen. The casing is perfect and the buttons feel better than my original. As for the software/internals- it seems flawless. I began restoring things-- a few at a time. It is performing as well or better than my original.
  4. rscultho

    rscultho Lurker

    My wife and I got recertified DX's and they are perfect
  5. ZXMustang

    ZXMustang Android Enthusiast

    Mine too. Your best bet OP is to sbf it back to stock. If you are not into doing that stuff yourself, then hit up a verizon store, plead your case and they may be nice enough to give you a new one from the store and let customer care figure it out. That has happened to me a few times.
  6. sund0wn

    sund0wn Android Expert

    they really do all go thru a 100 point inspection (something they dont even do with new phones). and, they are not "refurbished". They are "certified like new." and, they are literally that. verizon certifies that they are like new. and, they dont take broken phones and just flash em and re-sell them out.
    most of the CLNRs come from people who take advantage of the 30 day worry free guarantee. once an ESN has been activated, that ESN can never be sold as new again. so, verizon sends them back to Moto, and moto typically takes the chipset out, flashes them, then replaces the ousides of the phone with brand new parts. it's a totally different process than refurbs.
    only about 10% of the warranty issues that are exchanged out are because of hardware defects. however, the phones that do have defective hardware DO NOT get flashed and sent back out as a CLNR.

    if verizon were to take those CLNR phones, put them in a new box, and send those out for the replacements, i guarantee nobody would be able to tell they werent brand new.

    people thinking the CLNRs arent as good as the new, well, let's just say its a placebo effect. now, that isnt to say that some of the CLNRs dont have problems. i believe something is wrong with your phone. but dont forget, your NEW phone had problems too.

    my advice is to do a hard reset. if that doesnt work, flash the 2.2 sbf. if that doesnt work, and you insist on a new phone, take the replacement into a store, and demand they give you a new one. if that is what would make you happy, then i think that is more than fair, because the CLNR SHOULD have been perfect, and it's not.

    all i ask of people is that they give the CLNRs a chance. just remember, if it isnt "like new," then you are entitled to get one that is. they arent as bad as people think. i have a CLNR, and it is better than the new one i got on release day.
  7. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well I really am trying to get it to work. I've fixed the overall lag via overclocking but I'm still having issues with the phone being unresponsive at times. I was trying to decide between the sbf and trying out a different rom.
  8. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Android Expert

    dmiller did you do a factory reset when you got the phone? I know it sounds weird to factory reset a phone fresh from the factory, but I doubt they do it when they ota or reflash them
  9. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    No but its worth a try. I'll give it a shot and check back in
  10. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yeah that didn't do it. I think I'm just going to get this one replaced as opposed to trying a rom. All I have to do is unroot it the way it is now. And i dont think a rom will fix an unresponsive screen. This sucks because I can OC the crap out of this phone lol lv 1.45 is stable. Last phone could only do 1.15 on medium. Oh well. Time to roll the dice again. And for the record I have nothing against clnr phones and this is the first that ever gave me problems.
  11. ricksievers

    ricksievers Android Enthusiast

    I dont believe they go thru much of an inspection at all. I went thru 4 clnr Droid1's and they all but 1 could have been clnr. The other 3 were poor quality returns with either a bent keyboard, bad spray painted bezel, scratched screen, peeling keyboard or just real bad hinges. One of them I could barely open or close. So clnr are CRAP. To the OP, I would have just gotten another replacement the moment it started not working perfectly.
  12. sund0wn

    sund0wn Android Expert

    i empathize with your experience with CLNR, but they arent crap. and, believe what you want, but every one does go thru an inspection.
  13. ricksievers

    ricksievers Android Enthusiast

    Don't believe it for a minute. I've heard too many horror stories about all the poor quality replacements. .including my own
  14. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Android Expert

    And I've heard horror stories of people with brand new phones. Doesn't mean that all new phones are crap.
  15. sund0wn

    sund0wn Android Expert

    ^^^ what he said. there are definitely discrepancies in the reporting we receive. people dont take time out of their days to post about how great their replacement phone is. CLNR Droid Xs have a lower rate of failure than the new ones did.
  16. jmtanzo

    jmtanzo Newbie

    I've been having "lagging" issues, screen issues and other annoying issues ever since the 2.2 upgrade so I brought it into a Verizon store 3 times and each time a factory reset was performed and it seemed to work but finally I got so sick of it freezing up more and more I brought it in for a 4th time. This time in front of the rep, I re-created the screen issue and the "lagging" issues and asked for the store manager. They looked at it, performed a factory reset again and then said, "Where do you want your replacement sent?" I was like, "Finally" someone sees it too! The tech and manager went on to say, and I quote, "The 2.2 upgrade was such a big file that in some cases it affected the hardware. I was having hardware failure and it would only get worse from there." They are overnight shipping a replacement Droid X to me. I hope this fixes it, because if it doesn't, I'm trading the X for the Incredible..
  17. nynvolt

    nynvolt Android Enthusiast

    My cln phone which was returned for a new one had the crackling ear speaker issue. So maybe that 100 point inspection doesn't include speakers?
  18. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    my replacement dx is on the way. the verizon rep got so annoyed trying to check the system version that she approved the warranty claim immediately. and idk about the inspection they go through, i have never had problems with clnr before, for all i know it was a hardware issue causing the screen to become unresponsive that happened during shipping and handling. i do trust sund0wn's comments tho so i'm not concerned that i'll be receiving another lemon. the inspections may be there but i'm sure they can't monitor every employee doing the testing so some are bound to slip by due to laziness.
  19. sund0wn

    sund0wn Android Expert

    absolutely, it does. but, these inspections are done by humans. mistakes happen. should they? no. but they do. and, i'm not saying it's likely, but who is to say it didnt happen during shipping?
    but, you dont get just 1 warranty replacement. this is what i dont get, people act like if there's a problem with the CLNR, they are going to have to deal with it forever. just get another one.

    the other thing i dont get, is someones 3 month old phone is defective, and they think they should get a new phone? how do they figure? you dont get a brand new phone when it wasnt a brand new phone that broke. in 99.9% of the time, the replacement is in far better condition than the phone it's replacing. how can anyone complain about that? and, the other .1% of the time is just a mistake, and i've never heard of an instance where verizon refused to make it right. i've never heard of a single time that someone got a defective clnr that verizon refused to replace.

    i will say again, with the droid x, the CLNRs have a lower rate of warranty issues than the brand new ones so far. if i needed mine replaced, i would rather have a CLNR. no lie.

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