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Regarding Verizon Snap-On Cases (Gradient, etc.)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jinetix, May 26, 2010.

  1. jinetix

    jinetix Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just recently dropped my phone getting out of the car (phone was on my lap) and the case split apart on impact and the phone hit the ground. Luckily the phone only suffered some minor scuffs, but the snap on cases will just snap off when dropped. I love the look of the gradient case on my phone, but if you want protection go with the Seidio slide-on cases.

    I just taped the sides of my gradient case to prevent it from happening again. Looks tacky though.

    Just a heads up.

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  2. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Android Expert

    I believe that is what they are designed to do, they disperse the energy from the initial shock and separate. The second and third bounces should have far less force resulting in just a few scratches, as opposed to a shattered screen.
  3. Heelfan71

    Heelfan71 Well-Known Member

    I hope you are joking. :eek: they are just cheap, that is why it fell off.
  4. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Android Expert

    No joking, that is the purpose if a two-piece design.
  5. jinetix

    jinetix Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Poor design then. I've dropped my Blackberry Storm w/ a Seidio Slide-On case multiple times without it ever coming off or leaving any marks on the actual phone.

    The snap-on covers don't even snap on flush. The sides have a bulge.

    Not going to pay for another case though.. going to settle for my taped on Snap cover.
  6. civicsisedan

    civicsisedan Android Expert

    but it looks so damn sexy in a gradient case
  7. 06Stang

    06Stang Android Enthusiast

    Sexy in the pink and black Barbie case
  8. jakolson

    jakolson Guest

    the way i see it... when i used to drop my blackberry a few times. the front half of the case flew about 10 feet in one direction and the back half flew the other direction and the phone?... didnt even bounce, it just landed right at my feet. All of the energy of hitting the floor was transferred into the two halves of the case, and thats why they flew. the phone didnt bounce or fly 2 feet because the case did its job by absorbing the shock.

    as far as i'm concerned the 2 piece snap cases are a good economical way to protect your phone, unfortunately, you are correct in that they do often break while doing their job of flying apart.

    i currently am using the red softtouch verizon case, the seams arent perfect, but it hasnt fallen apart yet.
  9. 06Stang

    06Stang Android Enthusiast

    I love this dark red Verizon case. Fits perfect in the black holster shell combo.. better than the shell that came in the holster
  10. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Android Expert

    ^^^^ same case as those above and for the money, dead-f***ing-sexy...
  11. jwm2

    jwm2 Android Expert

    The gradient case is cheap, period. Its not designed to do anything. No engineering went into it, they just pushed it out the door to get people to pay $25 for them at launch. The seidio case is durable, strong and overall much better than any snap on case on the market right now. You can think whatever you want but the gradient case is merely a place holder until a better design start shipping. The gradient cases are worth about $5 full retail, yet we are forced to pay over $20 for them. Verizon is so happy for customers like us who'll buy anything available to protect their new phone. And once your new case arrives, the old one goes into the trash and verizon is laughing. Yes it looks neat, but thats about it.
  12. Nurseferatu

    Nurseferatu Member

    I used to carry my BB naked :eek: figuring it was always in my pocket or a purse. But when I went to resell it there were little nicks on all the corners from dropping it! So..

    For my DruidInk, I confess I got the gradient case because I thought it looked cool. Then I realized it was a little squishy on the sides, and the red shiny-sheen snap-on Verizon case was nice and cheerier. I do love it. It's very firm, sides fit flush and neat, feels good in my hand.

    Screen Protectors
    The Steinheil anti-fingerprint shield is worth every penny. I used to obsessively wipe the screen. The shiny/crystal protectors are just as bad as glass. The anti-fingerprint protector means no more glare and no more moire distortion from fingerprint smudges. If there's any attenuation of color or clarity, I do NOT see it.

    Battery stuff
    Yes, according to batteryboss.com, test results for Seido batteries do not show good results--far less battery life than you'd expect for the amount stated (and $$). But HTC batteries test well. My HTC 1500mah battery is giving me about 30% more battery life than the legacy 1300mah, and it is the SAME SIZE. There's an 2150mah by HTC but it's delayed until July and will require a different back for the phone because it's a few millimeters deeper than the back that shipped with the phone. Argh.

    Jawbone Icon
    The Jawbone Rogue is deep black with deep red shiny highlights, many many improvements over my old one--takes a standard mini-USB charger, talks to you to tell you battery life and etc., buttons you can actually see--great design.

    SIGH I love technology when it works. ;)
  13. ashykat

    ashykat Android Expert

    Yeah most of those types of cases aren't meant to dissipate force, they're meant to "look good" and help avoid casual scratches. If you really want something for drops and stuff go for Seido or, my personal favorite (although they're slow to release new products) Otterbox. I had an Otterbox Defender on my old iPhone 3G and it survived a 6 foot drop onto concrete (don't ask, lol) as if nothing had happened.
  14. secretLOVER

    secretLOVER Android Enthusiast

    Exactly why I prefer the soft shell cases.

    On the bright side, it saved your phone and youre... Unhappy?
  15. jinetix

    jinetix Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm happy it saved my phone from any severe damage (although the fall wasn't from very high). However, I'm disappointed in that the case split apart due to the weak snaps.

    If I had a Seidio, my phone would still be mint. The gradient case is very aesthetically pleasing though. The deep red fading into black. I don't understand where people get the idea that it's pink.

    Tape your snap on cases folks!

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