Registering your SGS II for DivX ~ A Step-by-Step Guide


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I don't know if anyone yet has noticed this but in order to utilize DivX fully on the SGS II you must first register the handset.
Unfortunately it is not as simple as tapping on the screen and then playing DivX media. Instead you have to go through a complex routine....

As such here is a step-by-step guide in how to do this as painlessly as possible.

To register DivX you need to do the following:-
1. On the SGSII go to Settings/About Phone/Legal Information/License Settings/DivX VOD/Register
Tap on Register and it will give you a registration code which you need to make a note of.
2. Once done you then have to go to your PC and download the registration file by clicking on where it says 'Free Download' from DivX ~
3. This will then download a file titled DivXInstaller.exe to your PC.
4. Install this file on your PC then run the DivX Plus Player and click on the players menu 'VOD/Register a DivX Certified Device' and fill in the card that loads using the code you wrote down earlier.
5. A file will then be downloaded to the PC which you then have to copy across to the SGSII.
6. Once copied simply play the file and the SGSII is then registered.
7. Finally, go back into the settings menu on your phone and you will now notice where it used to say register it is now 'greyed out' and 'Deregister' is available to click on should you wish to de-register.

Job done....


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eh! Is this something different to playing my downloaded divx/xvid avi files, I have been playing these fine.
Well the very fact it is being displayed on the phone is an indication it's not as simple as loading any DivX file and playing it.

What we are talking of here is running DRM licenses and any other licenses that you may come across ~ hence why it is stored in the Legal Information section on the phone.


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OK so it's only for VOD Divx then.

I create all my own Divx from my own DVDs so it should be fine (hopefully my phone is shipping out to me today (May18th) :)
Oh, VOD. I hate registering for stuff but might actually do this. What benefit is Divx VOD....anyone knows? I've never used it.

Thanks for the info, man.


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When i try to play the file I get the message "Your device is not authorized to play this DivX protected video"
Confirm your phone has the authorized registration for DivX.
Go to ~ Settings/About Phone/Legal Information/Licence Settings/DivX VOD
The word Register should be 'Greyed Out'.


I have registered my SGS II for DivX following the instructions given in the posts here in this thread. However it still says that i cannot play the divx protected files! I have unregistered from divx and reregistered again and its still the same.

Anybody have any clues or can advice me on what to do???

UPDATE: finally got it playing using MOBOPLAYER.


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You bother because some people might actually "get it", and appreciate your efforts... Like I do... Thank you!!
Thank you.... That means so much to me when a member appreciates my efforts.

... and you will also be pleased to know your kindness in a 'Thank You' vote also earns a charitable sum. :)