Reinstall iOS to ipad if needed?


I'm currently the owner of the newest ipad. I got it for my birthday, however I wished for an android tablet. I am aware that I can replace iOS with android, how I'm not sure right now...

The problem occurs, because my dad is in the need for a new ipad as well, and I have talked to him, and he may be offering me a switch. My ipad for a new android tablet... But this may not be happening for a while, and I would love android now, but if I am to trade my ipad with my dad, he needs iOS, so before I switch to android on my ipad, I need to know, is there a way to revert this and reinstall iOS?
A complete system swipe is not a problem...


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I've heard once of a guy who booted android on an iPhone, so theoretically it may be possible on the iPad. It doesn't seem to be common, so there probably won't be much support if something goes wrong and you brick the device.

My advice would be to stick with iOS without investing in it until you get the Android tablet.


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I don't have any personal experience doing what you're asking about, so if someone else comes along with a better suggestion, please take theirs. :D

Mine is to post your question on an Apple/iOS forum, such as this one. We, as Android users, can tell you how to do the installing Android part, but perhaps iOS users can help with it going the other way around.
For the best exposure I moved your thread form Android Lounge to the forum for discussing tablets that do not have a dedicated forum.

As noted earlier you are asking about an area that is seldom if ever touched on in this collection of forums. It is in opposition to the approach Android devices are sold, updated, and enhanced.

I think you would be best leaving iOS on the iPad and trading it for a tablet with a native Android system.

Good Luck.

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