How to reinstall android OS on an Nabi 2 Tablet
I'm not sure on a full OS reinstall, but you can perform a Factory Reset (which should restore the device to how it was fresh out of the box). I found these instructions at nabi - The everything tablet that grows with you www.nabitablet.com

  1. Turn off nabi 2.
  2. Press the Volume + Button first, then press the Power Button and hold them both until the system menu appears on the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Use the Volume - Button to highlight Recovery Kernel, then press the Volume + button to select it.
  4. From the Android screen, press the Volume - Button then the Volume + Button.
  5. Use the Volume - Button to highlight Wipe Data/Factory Reset, then press the Power button to select it. Use the Volume - Button to highlight Yes- Delete all user data, then press the Power Button to select it.
  6. When the data wipe is complete, Reboot system now should be highlighted. Press the Power Button to reboot nabi 2.
  7. It will take about five minutes to reboot nabi 2. Once the initialization is complete, you will see the Welcome Screen. Follow the steps to Sign In to your nabi account or Sign Up to create a new account.
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