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Reject Gingerbread, return to FroYo

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by marissg3, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. marissg3

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    I got the new update yesterday, and I hate it. The color scheme is downright ugly, and the fact that the texting buttons are smaller and no longer predict words really frustrates me. Reading over the forums I have seen several suggestions for apps to download, but I really would rather just return to the version I had before, which I think is FroYo. Is this possible? I am a layman and don't even know what rooting means, but if anyone has simple, step by step instructions how to revert I would be very appreciative. I already tried a factory reset, but while it did erase all my personal info, it didn't bring back the old system.


  2. zymos

    zymos Newbie

    After a week's worth of hassles (no 3G was the worst of them) I am happily back with Froyo. I actually rooted and tried out a custom Gingerbread ROM, but I still had the same issues.

    [How-to] Revert to LS670V9, after installing OTA LS670VC/VD, using KP500 (Diag mode) - Android Forums

    -has everything you need- if you scroll down to the bottom of the first post, you'll see instructions to force flash VD, which is probably where you want to be.
    I had never done this before, and it took me quite a while to read through all the different steps and gather the necessary software. I had plenty of "WTF" moments, but eventually made it through. It's not a trivial process by any means if you are new to it, but the instructions are very thorough.

    Good luck!

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