release date for middle east

any body have any idea when desire hd is coming to kuwait/middle east? emailed and they said 4th quarter 2010. lame.


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Well its here in Europe now, And to my understanding Asia has it from 5th Nov if they ain't already.

I'd bank before christmas :).Maybe middle of Nov or end perhaps?


If you order it from Europe it should be there and working. I am guessing it will run on HSDPA network in Kuwait. The only thing I noticed is that Arabic is not installed, not sure if that's a concern for you.


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Well there isn't any in Hong Kong at the moment as i've just got back from there.

Although 3HK does show it in their systems
My wife kept getting different answers from Electrozan, Alghanim, and Eureka about when it would come. Eventually she booked a flight to Dubai for the day and picked it up there for me as a gift. If you can find a cheap ticket to Dubai it might be quicker to go there and pick it up. Might have to wait until after Eid though since she said alot of shops didn't have it in stock and said they would get it after Eid. Probably best to contact a shop there ahead of time to make sure they have it in stock and don't fly there for nothing, if that is the route you decide to take.