release date


Is there any info on approximate release date?


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Yea I heard over at howardforums that it was scheduled for early july, but got pushed back to august due to a hardware change.... I'm betting it'll be out by late july though


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Guys - guessing you're all american. I am based in the UK and I can't remember how long it was between the Droid and Milestone being released, can anyone remember? It was finally released in late Nov 2009 here I think.

I recently lost my Nexus one (still hurts everyday) and I had been contemplating the HTC Desire (very much like the Droid Incredible I think) but I love my Vanilla Android (and the upgrade benefits that come with that).

I'm really loving the looks of this phone, just not sure how long I can go for without a smartphone!


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The droid was Nov 09 early in the states as well. So if you got the milestone then sounds like a simultaneous release really.


Latest info on Hofo points back towards a july release though... The comment about moving to August was from long ago.


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It's coming in the next 30 days. Think Early July. It also won't be sold under the Shadow name.

That's the information I have.

And no, don't ask about where I got my info. Nobody is getting fired over it.