[RELEASED FREE] Filchy Monkeys





Link to App Store :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aitrich.filchymonkeys

Monkeys are fun, monkeys are naughty....
They are here to knock your hats off....
Get going.. Catch them....
From the makers of Extreme Balloon comes an addictive game "Filchy Monkeys". Its gonna blow your hats off.
"Monkey See, Monkey do" is a popular idiom also it is a story of a smart cap seller luring the monkeys to throw the caps that they stole while he was fast asleep.
Relive your childhood, bring back the childhood stories. Download now and expect the unexpected.
Filchy Monkeys is a game full of fun and surprises. Collect the hats thrown by the monkeys and score as many points by collecting maximum hats. But beware of things like snakes, explosives as well. Challenge your wit with the monkeys and beat the high score.
Aitrich believes in providing the best entertainment to the users and nothing can surpass the entertainment that an addictive game provides. What are you waiting for, download now and get ready to beat the monkeys.

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