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Relock lg stylo h631 bootloader

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Lg stylo h631 bootloader, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Lg stylo h631 bootloader

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    Is there anyway to relock a bootloader on lg stylo h631 running 6.0 after its been unlocked? It has never been rooted just unlocked bootloader.


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    Post #6 by Sudhanshu kumar, Dec 23, 2016 (1 points)

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  3. Sudhanshu kumar

    Sudhanshu kumar Well-Known Member

    Hey there

    Welcome to AF :)

    Well according to me there's a way to relock ,

    You'll need to use fastboot, which is provided in the CF-Auto-Root zip file, and also available standalone and packaged with lots of other software. It's part of the Android SDK Tools / Platform Tools, which can be installed on Windows, OSX, or Linux.

    Note: If you've installed a custom ROM or kernel on top of rooting, you'll want to flash the necessary stock versions with fastboot or possibly through TWRP/ClockWorkMod Recovery.

    In order to re-lock the bootloader:

    Reboot your phone to Bootloader ModeConnect the USB Cable to your computer.Open a Command Prompt (Terminal on Linux or OSX)Navigate to the platform-tools directory inside the unzipped CF-Auto-Root directory.

    Use the following command, depending on your OS.

    Linux: ./fastboot-linux oem lockOSX: ./fastboot-mac oem lock
    "oem lock"

    One thing to note here : once bootloader is unlocked ,it can be easily unlocked back by typing the command : " oem unlock-go"

    But still after relock, your warranty remains void :)

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  4. haelinicole

    haelinicole Lurker

    Would you possibly know if i need to file a claim on it bc of cracked screen will assurant deni my claim? I have tmobile jump on demand n pay for the protection plan.
  5. Sudhanshu kumar

    Sudhanshu kumar Well-Known Member

    No , Once your phone is unlocked, it will no longer be covered by LG warranty :(
  6. haelinicole

    haelinicole Lurker

    Its not a.warranty claim. I thought there was a difference in warranty claim and a device protection claim where i pay the deductible and get a refurbished one.
  7. Sudhanshu kumar

    Sudhanshu kumar Well-Known Member

    This thread here by LG explains everything about of unlocked bootloader ,even according to them there is not turning back ( means bootloader cannot be relocked )


    Yeah so the answer is No ,sorry for the above answer ,but yeah it does lock the bootloader but it's just a virtual lock( not really locked like it was earlier )
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  8. Sudhanshu kumar

    Sudhanshu kumar Well-Known Member

    I dunno think if it has anything to do with bootloader ?
  9. haelinicole

    haelinicole Lurker

    My phone works fine it just has a cracked screen and in order to.upgrade it has to be fixed so they said i need.to file a claim pay the deductible and then i cant give it back and.upgrade

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