Reminder app


Hey there.

I need an app that can remind me to do help me with a personal problem every 3 hours. I been looking at other reminder apps but haven't found one who does what i need.

Problem is i need a reminder every 3 hours from when i wake up till i go to bed.
I got different times i go to bed and wake up because of my working times varietes from day to day.

So in all i just need it to be able to start it when i wake up, then remind me every 3 hours untill i disable it.
I also like it to be able to reset it if i for some reason
Another problem is i might be busy with work or something else when it reminds me, so i need to be able to set it on sleep or something.
I also need to be able to reset it, if my problem accours before the 3 hours time frame.

Would like if i can set it to make an alarm sound/vibration or just a notification that i can see on my top bar(where the clock is) or on the lock screen.

Any apps out there that can do it? I'm not that good to search for one.

Thanks in advance!

(Hope you understand, english is not my first language. So just ask any questions and i'll try to answer as good i can)
I'm not sure if there's any app that can do this, however if you're still in need, I can find some spare time to come up with something for you if you'd like?
I started an app a while back called Jitter alarm, which had most of this functionality still in place. I finished the core design, but never styled and released it. I'll make a few changes and send your the APK or release it to the public and let you know.

I estimate about a week or two, just because I'm on vacation until two days from now.

I'll spice it up a little bit as well, because the app itself looks like crap at.