Remote app for mxq 4k

Hello, i have this ott mxq 4k box, see the photo. We works well, but i noticed 2 things:

1. Out of nowhere, he closes the aplication everytime i press .home. to open something else; (img attached)
PS: i tried to change the limit of background applications, but got no result.

2. Maybe because of the first problem, i cant use any app to serve as remote on my zenfone 5. Ive got the eMedia.something. app on the box setup correctly, but my phone just dont detect the media box. (Used many apps). The only one that looked like it was going to work for me was with the app CETUS PLAY, configured both on the box and phone.
When in the main screen on the tv, the app see the connection between this two devices. Perhaps, as said on the first problem, if i make anything to change the screen, go home or other app like kodi, the connection is lost.

What can i do? Wait for answers, thanks!