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Remote Security

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by vierco, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. vierco

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    Hello everybody!

    I open this thread to introduce you "Remote Security", as you can imagine it is a security application that I developed which is already in the Market.

    Remote Security is being warmly welcomed in other countries. I'll post here the application features and a link to its website.

    I hope you like it. Let me know if I can help you, I will be around here.

    Thanks and greetings!





  2. vierco

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    Update 1.2


    New features:

    Delete SMS:

    SMS messages in your phone may content personal information.
    In case of lost or theft, Remote Security will allow you to delete all sms in your phone, sending a SMS

    To delete SMS in your phone.
    Send a SMS with your securiy code followed by the word "deletesms"
    E.g.: mycodedeletesms

    Airplane mode:

    This feature will allow you to remotely activate airplane mode on your phone.
    Doing this, the person using your phone will lose any access to your SIM card, preventing any access to the ionformation contained in your SIM card.
    This feature may be used to force the person using your phone to replace your SIM card by his own. The change of the SIM card will be immediately reported to you by Remote Security.

    Note: As in any kind of cellular, meanwhile the airplane mode is on, or without SIM card, it won't be able to receive any sms your or anyone sends to it.

    To activate airplane mode:
    Send a SMS with your security code followed by the word "airplane"
    E.g.: mycodeairplane

    Hidden mode:

    This feature will hide Remote Security on your phone.
    Once it is hidden, it won't be able to see or access the application meanwhile it remains perfectly functional.

    If you want to unhide the application, send a SMS with your security code followed by the word "visible".
    E.g.: mycodevisible


    Help message:

    This new feature will send you a text message containing a list of all command
    To request a help message:

    Send a SMS with your security code followed by the word "help"
    E.g.: mycodehelp


    - New compatibilies
    This new version of Remote Security is compatible on all Android cellulars, no matter which version of the operative system is runnig or screen resolution.

    - Added info at the phone location.
    When you receive a requested SMS with the location of your phone, you will receive a more detailed information of the location of the phone will be provided.

    - Added information at lock screen
    When you remotely lock your phone, the lock screen will show your contact phone number, so the person possesing your phone may contact you.

    - Default language changed.
    The default language of the application has been changed to english.

    - Pressing "menu" button on yur phone at the main screen of Remote Security, you may access to "Changelog", where you can see all new features and improvements on every Remote Security update.

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