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Remote wipe of Samsung device

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Frekigeri, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Frekigeri

    Frekigeri Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Could some one carefully read and reply to the below .....
    I have lost 2 devices ,in my panic I logged on to my gmail and signed the devices out .
    Both devices are still showing in find my device.
    My question is....
    1. Can I still remote wipe my devices ( it does give me the option in FIND MY DEVICE app and also in my google drive account
    when I press the ERASE button it pops up saying when device connects to Internet it will erase )
    Bearing in mind that I have signed out on the devices will this work ? Seeing as it still allows the option ?
    2. Is there any way to reconnect devices to google account I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THESE DEVICES !
    I have also obtained a new sim card logged in to my whats app .... deleted my account and then changed my number .... I am to believe
    1. Whats app is removed from devices that are lost
    2. All back ups are removed
    3. By changing number there is no way to reinstall device and back up from file manager
    4. Are file manager folders still access able ?
    5. Whats app vids and pics still access able or deleted ?
    Kind regards

  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Just for some context, how long ago did you lose those devices and can you provide more details as to where?
    If it's been a while and nobody has actually found them that could at least make things less of a potential threat to whatever was on stored on them.

    Something to keep in mind is the Google account you used to authenticate those devices when you first got them is one thing. The Google account you use for your emails and such are another thing. So when you state you 'logged' them out when using your Gmail account, presumably via that 'Details' link in the bottom right, that just logged out things like the email app you were using. So two things are involved -- the Google account you used to set up your devices are still active, and the email apps on those devices are logged out but once stated up again will just log themselves back in (as that's in each app's settings). What you really need to do is change the passwords on ALL (well excluding your WhatsApp account since you do have a new one now) of your online services that you had set up on those devices.
    But really, you should definitely remotely erase both of those lost devices. They may or may not even be found by someone. That's why I asked for more details on where you lost them. It could be a matter where both devices are just sitting idle wherever, and eventually their batteries will drain down.
    Also note that those devices will have two ways of getting online, through WiFi or through a cellular connection. Since you have a new SIM and a new number presumably you've notified your carrier so the cellular connectivity isn't a factor on those two devices. (Also, by notifying your carrier those devices are lost, they've been put on a blacklist that all the carriers observe so if they are found, it won't work to use their own SIM card.) As for WiFi connectivity, that will be an issue too as any of the WiFi networks you had saved on those devices won't be available. Once someone does enter a WiFi network, at that point the remote delete will start up.
    And all this is inconsequential if you had a lock screen set up. That alone will be a hindrance to anyone getting access to them.
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  3. Frekigeri

    Frekigeri Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello ,thank you for your reply
    I logged onto my google drive and both devices are showing on there ... I signed them both out.
    It now shows last sync of day of loss but still offers me the option to remote wipe both devices !
    Would that be possible ?
    I lost these devices in the last 10 days so it's still very early !
    One had a screen lock the other did not so it is impertive that I wipe these devices !!!
    As per the whatsapp account am I right in thinking that by getting a new sim logging on to a new device and deleting account ... will remove account from old device ? Pics ect aswell ??
    Also then can I change number and that will remove any ability to back up from file manager in device?
    If I have missed anything else please ask away
  4. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    So the Google Drive app is used for accessing your online file storage account, not quite sure how you're able to use it to do what you're stating. Try using the Android remote access service, 'Find My Device' instead;
    Depending on the situation, you can use the Secure Device option to lock your devices and sign out of your Google account with the option of adding your contact info a lock screen. This might apply if you lost them and think there's a chance your devices might be returned to you. Or use the Erase Device option to just wipe them of it's a matter where they were stolen (as the odds are a thief has no intention to return anything to you).
  5. Frekigeri

    Frekigeri Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for your reply , the reason I have asked such a lengthy and detailed question is that on searches it is clear there is technology available to the police to extract data from locked phones ,unlock phones and ' vampire dry ' a device ..... that in mind that technology is available to anyone and it appears to be easy to access so I needed to make sure I have tried to remove the data.
    I never knew it was this easy to break into a phone and access data even if it Switched off or locked ...scary stuff

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