Sep 8, 2011
Hey guys,
forgive me if this is in the wrong place, but I searched (and I mean really searched - and couldn't find my exact problem)

I am trying to REMOVE the facebook contact icons that show up in my desire's native messages app.

Most of my FB friends do not display their mobile numbers, so there is only one or two of my phone contacts (and me) that have pictures and this really bugs me.

Unless there is a way to get most of my contact's images up there (I have tried syncmypix - to no avail), I want to get rid of all of them to go back to the stock grey icon.

I have done this before, but as HTC has just provided me with a replacement for my damaged phone. I cannot figure out how to do it on the new one..

Any help is much appreciated :)
Thanks jeremy,

Do you mean disable/enable them one by one?
I can't do this. the contact info under 'people' doesn't allow me, I select the person and the only option is to change the name or number, as facebook contacts don't come up in that list.
Is this because my phone numbers are saved on my sim? I never had this problem before?

Syncmypix works somewhat, it grabs all the photos, I'm assuming it is meant to assign them to phone numbers? I even tried assigning a couple manually and that doesn't work either. Is there a bug, or do I need to just flick a switch somewhere?
If you click on their picture you should be able to change it? I don't actually use the sense contacts anymore but from memory thats what you do. Otherwise you could remove their contact pictures under your gmail account..

Before I used a non-sense ROM though, facebook sync worked very well with the stock HTC facebook app
click on picture where? in contacts? there are no pictures in contacts
clicking on picture in messages does nothing

and they are not gmail contacts. they are my sim card contacts. and for some reason facebook is syncing too.
for example, my fb profile picture comes up in all my messages as me. I dont even have 'me' saved in my sim card, but I do have my mobile number on facebook, (although I am the only one that can see it). So somewhere there it is telling sense to throw that photo up there.

When I go to people, there are no facebook contacts, just sim and google. This is why I am confused, why would pics show up in messaging if they are not even contacts in people.

I have deleted both facebook accounts from my 'accounts & sync' settings, still nothing...

Ideally, I would like to have photos of everyone (without the little fb icon) that I can assign to each contact, using syncmypix as well as manually for the ones that aren't on fb. But I have no google or phone contacts - would this be easier to sync all my sim contacts to gmail, can I do photos then??
Syncmypix just isn't playing the game

Thanks for your help man
ok. I sort of got it working.. it seems you cant assign an image to a sim contact (even though there is a little camera icon). I synced all my sim contacts to gmail and its all good

my issue now is syncmypix.

It looks as though i have to assign each one individually when it finds all the pics or should it do this automatically? maybe its just the free version