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Remove Metro Sound and Image on startup

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tcb2185, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. tcb2185

    tcb2185 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just Wondering if Any one has Done this on there Admire Yet? i hate the Loud Metro PC Startup sound and the screen can i delete them any Way?

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  2. Chris2388

    Chris2388 Newbie

    I would love to know this as well.
  3. ATRAIN904

    ATRAIN904 Member

    find your poweron.wav using root explorer rename it or delete it will make no hello hello hello metropcs wireless for all go away ..
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  4. PoppaHerb

    PoppaHerb Newbie

    For those feeling a little froggy... I did find a list of tweaks that include removing the boot audio/video. The full list is at the xda forums, but as I cannot post links, I will include the tweak..

    You must edit /system/build.prop and you MUST be root.
    Disable boot animation: debug.sf.nobootanimation=1

    Going to be trying it and a few other tweaks after I get some sleep...
  5. SpawnHyuuga

    SpawnHyuuga Well-Known Member

    PoppaHerb, I believe I've tried that Build.prop tweak, it didn't work.

    As to removing the sounds, on my 2.3.6 "shutdown.ogg" can be found in 'system/media/audio/ui' so you can disable the sound for that.

    The startup sound I don't think can be modified. I believe on 2.3.6 it may be contained within the Boot Animations which are stored within 'system/media'

    You could try deleting it, but I seriously wouldn't risk it. As for changing it, you'll have to wait for a Custom Kernel and CyanogenMod, I believe as Samsung uses a special boot animation type.
  6. RobertT22

    RobertT22 Member

    Well for those of you who want to delete the default ringtones but don't know where to look here's where.

    Using Root Explorer or your choice, go here:


    In there are the default ringtones and they have file extenions of .ogg

    Clicking on them will play them. Point and hold and you can then delete them. I would suggest that you make a copy and place them on your SDCard just in case you want to reload them.

    If you want to change the sounds that the phone makes when you click an app or use the camera go here:


    So for example if you want a scream file every time you click the camera button, you can.

    Same for notifications and alarms

    Now if you want to change the shutdown screen on your Samsung go here:

    NOTE: there are 29 images with the file extension of .png. Think of each image as a frame in part of a full animation.


    Now for the bootscreen it is in this area:


    It is called bootani.qmg (this is the metropcs boot image) and samsungani.qmg (this is the samsung logo that brightens and dims
  7. RobertT22

    RobertT22 Member

    I found coping over the Bootani.qmg file over to my sdcard for safe keeping then deleting it in where it was worked for taking away the bootscreen when you power on your phone.

    As for the poweron.wav it is located at:


    Thanks guys for the tips!
  8. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    You Guys are going about this the hard way. My Hello Hello Hello is gone. The sound bit is in the system folder, go to etc, find the sound bit, the only listed in there, and move to sim card. Done, If you need help pm me
  9. dinomosin

    dinomosin Newbie

    Is there a way to do this without buying root explorer (like connecting to my computer or using Titanium Backup Pro.) Just trying to save the 3.99 for Root Explorer as I have been buying a lot of Apps since right before rooting my phone.
  10. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    You need root explore to access your files. its well worth it, and with all the new things happening with the admire, you kinda need it
  11. JayFi

    JayFi Lurker

    I am doing tests on removing the boot videos. I have had two cases of boot loops but I have a functioning phone again to work around. I have successfully changed the Samsung still picture with a my bootanimation.zip file of my choosing.

    I hope with cwm I can make a neat recovery and if I get into another boot loop I can just fix my phone without having to go to the service center anymore lol.

    The files that are needed to do this can be found in:




  12. JayFi

    JayFi Lurker

    I need someone to help me with using terminal in android.

    make sure you have CWM and you do a back up prior to trying this out.
    I am using root explorer to reach and change file names. DO NOT UNINSTALL THESE FILES BY APPLYING THE .bk EXTENSION YOU WILL GO INTO A BOOTLOOP!!!

    Everytime you change the file names your phone may reboot. If your phone stays on a black screen for > 30sec, then just recover using the cwm backup your made.

    rename /system/media/bootani.qmg to /system/media/bootaniold.qmg

    rename /system/media/samsungloop.qmg to /system/media/samsungloopold.qmg

    move the bootanimation.zip of your choice into the /system/media folder

    rename /system/bin/samsungloop to /system/bin/samsungloopold

    rename /system/bin/bootanimation to system/bin/samsungloop (this is the part where my phone boot loops, I do not know the cause yet but, I am trying my hardest in figuring it out)

    I am beginning to think the problem is not with the files but rather with the bootanimation.zip desc file.

    Edited the desc file to not wait for load but rather just run files once. (changed the 0 to a 1)

    Nothing could not get it to finish running it just stays on a loop. Hopefully someone else can find a way to solve this.
  13. Bakedpotato

    Bakedpotato Newbie

    I use astro file explorer and file expert from the market both let me acces the root files. They're both free, actually I like file expert better.
  14. dinomosin

    dinomosin Newbie

    I tried deleting it with file explorer and it would not delete or let me rename it. Will root explorer let me delete things file explorer won't (my phone is rooted).
  15. Bakedpotato

    Bakedpotato Newbie

    You need to mount the /system as Read/Write I used System Toolbox Free to do that.
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  16. aboatright

    aboatright Android Expert

  17. Plecto

    Plecto Lurker

    Just solved this annoing issue on my device equipped with Android 2.3.6 by renaming the audio file "bootaudio.mp3" which is located in /systeem/media/
    You need to be rooted and have write permission on that file.

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