May 22, 2011
Hi! Does anyone know which pre-installed apps can be safely frozen or removed from the LG vortex?
I'm sure someone else could help me expand this list of "bloatware" but heres what I can think of off hand...

Tetris - (trial install)


Slacker Radio



Any and ALL of the "V-Cast" crap.

And "Vz Navigator" (useless)

Like I said, there may be more, and if your reading this and know of others, please post it!
ok, so are you saying all of those can be frozen or deleted? I know those are all useless and just wasting space and I would like to get rid of as many as possible. Thanks.
I was able to remove a majority of the bloatware after I rooted my phone (2.2.2). I installed Titanium Backup root and I went into "Backup & Restore" and selected which apps to uninstall. They they have no been removed.

Still new to this rooted phone thing, don't know how to make a nandroid backup. :rolleyes:
I have a galaxy s i9000 and it is rooted. can someone tell me in untech language (silver surfer) how i can delete preinstalled apps. I dont get the option when i go to apps.manager.