Mar 22, 2010
hmmm interesting problem...

Right, all my appointments are stored on my Outlook calendar at work. I can't get activesync to work with my server, so let's ignore that option. What I have been doing is using Google Calendar sync running on my PC to sync entries to my Google calendar. So far so good.

Now initially, I synced my Desire to Google Calendar using the "Google" account in "Accounts and Settings". that worked fine. The entries in the Calendar app were given a blue stripe to identify them as being from the Google sync account.

Now the fun begins.

I wanted to start using Google's own exchange servers to get my email and when I added that as a new account, I saw I could also sync calendar via the google activesync account. So I tried that too and predictably I got duplicate and double entries (oooo-er) in my Calendar app. So I just unticked the Google calendar and used the google-exchange one instead.

Now today I wanted to do some large scale tidying up and noticed that in my Calendar, I have entries (orange stripe) which are listed as "Exchange" entries but under the Calendar settings - there is no longer an Exchange calendar!

All I have is PC Sync - nothing on that one
And Google sync! (the blue entries)

So how do I get rid of the exchange entries??

Hmmm just read my post above and admittedly may not be very clear, so apologies if this leads to more questions than answers!
Scratch the above - I have just deleted all Calendar entries to start again!!!

Settings > Application settings > Calendar storage > Clear all data.