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Removing apps from rooted Prevail for "dummies"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kdm12478, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. kdm12478

    kdm12478 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I was able to root my phone and I have superuser on it but now I want to get rid of some of the preinstalled apps that are on my Prevail. I know I must be careful when deleting apps but that is the extent of my knowledge. I would appreciate any help or insights. Thank you.

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  2. PhoneMan93

    PhoneMan93 Android Enthusiast

    There is a post about this, I would provide the link but I'm currently at work, I have deleted a lot, Google talk will sometimes give you trouble but 9/10 I haven't had any, you can also delete Calender and clock, and obviously the bloatware. But look for the post it should be on the first or second page of the "prevail all thing root" forums
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  3. tbstewa

    tbstewa Newbie

    while you should have used the search function first, I will still be kind enough to talk you through the basics... get root explorer or an equivalent from the market. browse to system/app and mount as read/write long press on the app you want to get rid of and click delete... I suggest backing up via cwm before doing this in case you screw up...
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  4. kdm12478

    kdm12478 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for helping me with the basics. To be honest I did search the forums first and I did see some posts but with all the extra language in them(ie... mods, themes, flash, kearnels etc....) I became overwhelmed and confused on how to achieve deleting the apps I didn't want in the first place. I did note in the forums and your qoute to back up. Is root explorer free or not? Money is an issue although I'd be willing to pay a small fee for the app if in ypur opinon/use it's a better option. Again thank you for taking time out of your day to help this newbie.
  5. kdm12478

    kdm12478 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I was overwhelmed reading the threads in the forum. Like mods, roms, kearnels, etc... I do know I should backup before I do anything but that's just it what shpuld I use to back up, can it be done via my phone using an app free or otherwise. Then once that ia done do I use an app free or otherwise or get to a computer to start deleting the bloatware. I did check the thread of safe apps to remove but alas I'm new to smartphones so my understanding is limited(themes, or mods sound nice) and foe now I'd be content in getting rid of bloatware first. Thank you for taking your time to help this newbie out.
  6. SpCowboy2842

    SpCowboy2842 Android Enthusiast

    You can get a free version of Titanium Backup, but it is somewhat limited as to what all you can do with the options. The "donate" version of Titanium is around $6 or $7 dollars, but it is worth every cent. I'm not sure if there is a free version of Root Explorer anymore, but the "donate" version is right at $5. Both are indispensible tools when it comes to having a rooted phone, but since you are a beginner I would recommend Titanium Backup due to the ease of making backups and deleting bloatware.
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  7. kdm12478

    kdm12478 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For now I'm using Titanium Backup free version for now. I plan on upgrading to the "donate" version. However I was able to backup apps and delete apps. Once I become more comfortable I will expand my horizons. Thanks to all for your time and for your help!
  8. totalkaos1983

    totalkaos1983 Lurker

    Titanium backup will remove system apps easily. Ive only ever laid my eyes and hands on o smart phone a week ago for the first time when i bought the prevail and last night i rooted my phone and then backed it and removed all useless preinstalled apps. (and i did it all by myself without f-in up my phone lol :) Im so proud) anyhow titanium has a online how to book for dummys witch i followed step by step and was able to do it within a few mins last night. (best thing ever) Now all i need to do is read up on and figure out this custom rom and clocking stuff. (This is harder for me because i dnt understand any of it.) But here is where i went after downloading it: How To Use Titanium Backup For Android [Complete Guide]

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