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Removing apps from stock ROM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by daffyducknj, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. daffyducknj

    daffyducknj Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm on 5.1.1, and am wondering if anyone has tried at least uninstalling the factory installed Google apps, to help increase internal storage. Does it cause the phone to malfunction, or is it safe? My usual rule is that if an app is downloadable from the Play store, then it's generally safe to remove. Just haven't gotten around to it since I bought my phone back in January. (Thanks, life!)

    I'm thinking of reconfiguring my G Stylo, now that I'm sure I can use my older LG Tribute temporarily on Virgin Mobile.

    Any ideas?


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    Post #8 by tube517, Mar 3, 2017 (1 points)

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  3. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    [emoji41] You "should" be able to remove most (not all) the Google apps without issue:
    - Play Music
    - Movies
    - Books
    - YouTube
    - Hangouts
    - Chrome

    Make you you have a backup or stock firmware and required PC for in case you remove the wrong one(s).
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  4. viperdink

    viperdink Android Expert

    Heres an idea. Use root exployer and rename an apk just by adding ".bak" to the file name. Then take your time and see what affects it has. Don't mess with the files permissions just the ro/rw in exployer . if it works the way you want just move the apps you want to remove to a temp directory on your sd card and then save the backup off your device to a pc.
    I've used this for porting my roms for years.
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  5. lvt

    lvt Android Expert

    Yes if an app is listed on Playstore or you can find its APK file somewhere, it's generally safe to remove.
  6. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast

    I recommend freezing (disabling) the app first. Give it a few days and if no issues then proceed with backing up the apk and unistall it from the system. Just another option for you.
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  7. silversword

    silversword Newbie

    Use this to figure out what something is before disabling.

    I welcome people wishing to contribute/update this list, send me an email to silversword at gmail if you wish editing priveleges

    CYCONUMNUM Android Expert

    Last rom i used on my metro was a t-mobile rom with a t-mobile specific flushable debloater ..it removed everything but the bare minimum..even apps like calender and calculator were removed...the original idea was...till i found the debloater zip..to have a rom that if it did have any of the service providers apps...they'd be useless because I'm on a different provider....it worked...till i installed LSpeed(i think that's the name) And fiddled with things too much n caused self imposed goofiness....it also disabled any type of account access without calling or going to a metro store...or online...
  9. tube517

    tube517 Android Expert

    Always nandroid backup your ROM before uninstalling alot of apps. As long as you have a custom recovery, the nandroid backup can save your phone.

    It's saved me so many times since I'm a (recovering) flashaholic.
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