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Root Removing Motoblur

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by francodman, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. francodman

    francodman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, so i've rooted my Atrix. Now how do I remove Motoblur (seeing as how everyone seems to hate it?)


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  2. francodman

    francodman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    D'oh, my mistake. I'm learning, slowly but surely :)
  3. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    i believe that you can, actually. you must have another launcher installed though. i'm not exactly sure how motoblur runs (ie if it's just one apk or what) but it's possible. just gotta know what you're doing. i currently don't have the device so i can't be more specific. i would do a lot of digging around in other Moto handset forums over at XDA. this is not the place to get the best info regarding such things.
  4. stoli412

    stoli412 Member

    If it's just the Motoblur launcher/widgets you don't like, you can just install an alternative launcher like ADW or LauncherPro.

    If you want to remove the complete Motoblur framework, then you'd need a custom ROM.

    The question is, do YOU not like Motoblur or are you just going by what everyone else says?
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  5. lyinlake

    lyinlake Newbie

  6. tical2k

    tical2k Member

    Speaking of custom ROM, has moto release the source for their 2.2.1 on the atrix?
  7. iPhoneMilk

    iPhoneMilk Well-Known Member

    Just install Launcher Pro or ADW Ex
  8. unity311mu

    unity311mu Lurker

    There are a lot of things to consider here. First and foremost, I agree with the above commenters - get a feel for Motoblur and see if you do actually like it. I was pleasantly surprised by it; I don't mind the "mash all my social contacts together" contacts app, as I can just hit the dialer and get my "only phone number" contacts, I LOVE the way you can zip around the home screens at the bottom, and some of the social integration widgets are okay for what I want to do.

    There are, of course, drawbacks to it as well, some dated features, and some just plain annoying design choices, such as not taking advantage of the higher resolution of their awesome hardware! This is the number one advantage to going to Launcher Pro imo, as you can change the number of rows and columns on your home screens, thus getting over twice as many icons on the screen at once...pretty awesome stuff.

    Anyway, I digress...You actually can remove a decent amount of the Motoblur framework by renaming some of the apps in the system partition from .app to .bak (NEVER delete them, Moto checks these files when doing firmware updates). Only do this if you've done a lot of research and absolutely know exactly what you're doing. Personally, I'm just making do with Motoblur right now, since running LauncherPro's widgets while Moto's framework is still running in the background seems counterproductive, and I don't want to mess with my system partition......yet. Hope this helps, sorry for the wordiness.
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  9. R3D---LIN3S

    R3D---LIN3S Lurker

    If you uninstall motoblur and mess it all up-

    HERE IT IS. if you mess up playing with your GUI no worries I will save you.

    1-sign up for dropbox
    2-download launcher pro apk
    3-place launcher pro into dropbox folder
    4-have someone txt your broken phone a URL.
    5-now that you are in a browser go to drop box and sign in
    6-install launcher pro

    BOOOOOM now do a factory restore kuz you have no idea what else you have messed up.

    if this helped you 'thanks' me yo!
  10. thegregulator

    thegregulator Lurker

    If you're still wondering how to remove/minimize motoblur on your phone here's how I did it. First I rooted using aRoot (quick and painless). Then I bought an app for .99 called Bloatfreezer. Open up the app and freeze the following processes:

    Asphalt 5 3.0.8
    CarDock 1.0
    com.motorola.photowidget 2.2.1
    ContactsUnconnected 2.2.1
    Desk Home 2.2.1
    DLNA 0709.69
    DlnaSystemService 1.0
    Email 2.2.1
    Entertainment Center 1.0
    Files 2.2.1
    GPS Navigator 5.8
    Help Center 2.2.1
    Home 2.2.1
  11. RussellMania

    RussellMania Newbie

    I 'froze' MotoBlur using Titanium Backup Pro. Just make sure that you have another launcher installed, already running. Also, if you don't want to get rid of MotoBlur, you can use Launcher Pro over top of it, and use the free HomeSwitcher App to go back and forth if you find it necessary.
  12. sowc2011

    sowc2011 Lurker

    Okay this why I think it's stupid to mess with motoblur. It works and you have to run an other home launcher over it. So if your phone is slow with motoblur just wait. Freeze works best and keep motoblur. I think it's the unix open source geeks that have a chip on their shoulder about any company making money and being big brother and ALWAYS getting it wrong. Cheese puff, your moms basement, and nothing to do, keep hackin I enjoy the mods and apps.

    Motoblur works good nothing is great or perfect and ADW is a pig it self. I guess it's just the lesser evil.

    Sorry sick of the Motorola bashing. The Atrix and Motoblur is the best phone and phone system you can buy right now.
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  13. vook

    vook Lurker

    If you catch it in time that is. My rooted Droid 2 just started to download it. I was tipped off by the automated nature of the update and the large download size.

    To prevent it from updating - if isn't too late that is, from your rooted droid, open up a terminal emulator.

    then do : (don't type the #'s)

    # su
    # cd /cache
    # ls -l

    (while it's still downloading...)
    # rm Blur-xxx.zip (whatever the filename is)

    then recreate that file, but empty:

    # touch Blur-xxx.zip

    then make the file immutable :

    # chattr +i Blur-xxx.zip

    You'll receive a quick error on future reboots stating that there isn't enough space to download the file (which isn't true of course), and the update will fail. Just tap "ok" at the error; everything then continues as normal.

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