Removing phone contacts from ZTE 4G Sonora


Android Question

I bought this new ZTE Sonora 4G Smart phone from Cricket, soon to be ATT, and would like to know how to remove telephone contacts. There is no mention of this in the user manual


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Factory reset will do it - that wipes everything.

Or Settings > Apps > All, find "Contact Storage" and clear data. That will remove all contacts, but if they are saved as Google contacts and you have contact syncing enabled they will come back (doesn't happen with the factory reset because that removes your Google account from the phone as well).

Or open your contacts app and delete them from there one at a time (long press on the contact name and select delete). That will delete them on the phone and on your Google account. You could look in that app's settings to see whether there is a bulk delete option (I've never used a ZTE so don't know what exactly the options in its contacts app will be).