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Removing Samsung Social Hub

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Navz, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Navz

    Navz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys,

    I'm loving my phone, and after trying Samsung Social hub - i decided it's crap and prefer to use the original apps instead. e.g fbook, twitter, gmail etc.

    So How can i just remove Samsung social Hub?

    anyone recommened anything else?


  2. chris4chelsea

    chris4chelsea Newbie

    go to applications>All>find Email (the one with a red seal envelope)>clear data.
  3. Gearu

    Gearu Android Expert

    (my phone is rooted) After installing superuser and Ti backup, I froze the social hub, it is still on the phone but it removed itself from the app drawer so you won't see it.
  4. heshanj

    heshanj Android Expert

    i dont think u can remove it without rooting ur phone, but i dont think u really need to remove it, just ignore it :D im not sure wat chris4chelsea mentioned, does this remove the app??
  5. rod007

    rod007 Lurker

    I decided I didn't like Social Hub either so removed accounts with following:
    Settings-Applications-Manage Applications-All-Social
    Hub-Clear Data
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  6. sleeco

    sleeco Well-Known Member

    Hi, i use a free app called Bloat Freezer, it's simple to use.
    Just freeze whatever you want.
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  7. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Extreme Android User

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  8. semus

    semus Android Enthusiast

    lol, trying to make everything understandable:
    you can remove your account's information from the social hub, or set it to never update itself and just ignore it. do it through the hub itself, or through "accounts and sync" inside settings menu.

    or you can freeze it so you won't see it in the app drawer, and it won't run in the background, untill you 'defrost' it. for that you need to be rooted.
    to freeze it, use an app like bloat freezer or the one i use - Titanium backup.
    you can freeze alot of things: Here's a list of what is safe and what is not safe to freeze.
    Freezing and defrosting takes a second each app, and you can even freeze all the apps that you downloaded but don't want to run in the background, and defrost them when you want to use them.

    so that is what you can do, hope it helped.
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  9. Shocky

    Shocky Android Expert

    Firstly you need to be rooted, then you just install titanium backup and uninstall whatever you want.

    But be aware some applications are dependent on others so be careful and make backups.

    Applications I remove are, wow so much junk when you list it like this. :D

    Samsung Apps
    Yahoo! Finance
    Wi-Fi Sharing Manager 1.0
    Wi-Fi Sharing 1.0
    Voice Command
    Software Update
    Social Hub 7.52.10101
    Social Hub 2.00.00002
    Samsung installer Utility
    Samsung Account
    Readers Hub
    Music Hub
    Kies Air Wi-Fi
    Kies Air 2.0
    Games Hub
    Days 1
    Ap Mobile
    AllShare 2.0
  10. odm3

    odm3 Lurker

    I signed up for this website just to say thank you ... a great list will help me a lot with my first android device and first time rooting
  11. odm3

    odm3 Lurker

    I made a list of all the apps that i want to remove from my device and they are safe to remove according to the list of SEMUS but i wanna know if this is gonna be useful ... does it worth rooting and removing these apps and apks ? will it save battery life, CPU usage or ram ?

    Ap Mobile
    Buddies now
    Digital clock
    Dual clock
    Game Hub
    Home screen tips
    Mini diary
    Mini paper
    Mobile Print
    Mobile tracker
    Ocean weather
    Pico TTS
    Readers Hub
    Samsung Apps
    Samsung MMM
    SNS disclaimer
    Social Hub
    Windy weather
    Yahoo! Finance
    Zinio Reader
  12. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    Here is a full, step-by-step, guide to freezing, "bloatware".


    Two of the biggest battery wasters for most people on the SGSII are Wi-Fi sharing 1.0 and Wi-Fi sharing manager 1.0.

    The freezing of just these two process's alone saved a lot of battery.
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  13. semus

    semus Android Enthusiast

    Very happy that i've helped :)

    and your list is just about what i froze, and now ill freeze the ones that ironass just mentioned.

    if you'll freeze what you mentioned earlier, i think you'll feel improvement in the battery life and maybe even in performance.
  14. odm3

    odm3 Lurker

    i have uploaded some screen shots of what i have frozen on my system here
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  15. semus

    semus Android Enthusiast

    Do i need to create an account?
  16. Guinhu

    Guinhu Newbie

    Thanks dude!! It was driving me nuts... :D
  17. spiral

    spiral Lurker

    So, the phone needs to be rooted to safely delete/uninstall any of the apps on it?

    And rooted means something like breaking into the OS? Does that void the warranty, or why would a person not want to do that? (Other than being very new to smartphones and inherently a cautious individual.) lol
  18. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Android Expert

    Rooting voids warranty.

    You only need rooting to uninstall apps that originally came with the phone. Those apps you downloaded on your own can be uninstalled.

    Rooting gives access into the system itself. Meaning you can customize and change a lot more things. Like what the physical button does. You can fully backup the phone including the system folders, change the launch screens, the notification sounds... etc
  19. Klaipedaville

    Klaipedaville Lurker

    Hello there!

    I signed up for your forum first of all just to say thank you! You are amazing here! I found almost 70% of the answers to my questions right on androidforums.com!

    Although I have a few quick further questions that I decided to post here for Android experts. I am quite new to smart phones so would appreciate your assistance.

    1.) The phone is rooted by SuperOneClick. If I install updates on top now will my phone get un-rooted? I receive a reminder time to time saying that updates are available.
    2.) If I uninstall applications instead of just freezing them (I use Titanium Back up Pro) will I not be able to un-root my phone back if I wanted to? System applications are not touched without carefully checking them against the list I found here.
    3.) Titanium Back up says that my ROM is 879 MB in total with only 47.3 MB free. Is that a bad thing? How do I free up some more space and is it necessary? I assosiate it with Windows hard drive for some reason and if that would be the case I cleaned it up by all means to improve performance.
    4.) Besides freezing and uninstalling Titanium also has an option to clean data. Does it imply basic data cleaning inside applications or does it perform some kind of irrevocable deletion I might regret later on?

    Would be thankful for any suggestions, ideas or advices. Thanks.
  20. jirv93

    jirv93 Lurker

    If you just want to delete your account then the best way to do this is to go to:
    Settings>Accounts and sync then under the heading 'manage accounts' should be your account, tap on this and and then select 'remove account'.

    hope i helped! :)
  21. Klaipedaville

    Klaipedaville Lurker

    Any ideas anyone?

    I found the answers to my third and fourth questions although I am still not sure whether installing the updates may ruin my phone's root created by SuperOneClick
  22. Surgie

    Surgie Lurker

    I like this social hub but what i dont like is when i already have my email connected it now wont recieve any off them through since hotmail changed to outlook.

    I try to remove this email so i can redo it however it cant seem to be able to remove email from its settings. Other parts of socialhub is fine.

    Pretty useless like hotmail is too, in this day and age too, two steps forward 3 steps back.

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