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Removing stuff in the settings menu [Root only]

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by alpha2k, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. alpha2k

    alpha2k Android Expert
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    I've searched but since I really am horrible at searches I probably overlooked or missed some posts that may be concerning this already.....for that I appologize.

    The short of it I have a rom that has 3minit baked into the rom, and I would like to remove it and just use the stock battery. That's all I want to do, I don't want to mod any part of the rom except for that part.

    Further explination:

    Phone is a sprint S4 sph-l720T.

    The easier stuff is the better for me, so if we can keep this on lamens terms it'd be useful for me, so what I'm after is...

    I am rooted, and have a TW rom, but I want to make it my own so ta speak and I won't be releasing this to anyone.....even then I will contact the original maker of the rom and get permission to do so and give credit where it is do...to the rom maker.
    So I have deleted said apps in system/app and system/priv-app, all but what's stock. One thing though I cannot seem to get rid of is 3minit battery app. There is a 3minit settings apk and a 3minit updated apk.

    I would like to get rid of 3minit because I really don't use any battery modding at all, I'm fine with stock. I have tried removing it from the system/priv-app folder but since it's baked in and the stock battery is not there (I'm guessing) I get a I think it was a systemui fc loop and the rom is unusable then. If I leave the 3minit apps in the rom works fine.

    So, is there a way around this, perhaps files I need to edit and perhaps image files I need to grab and put in said folders?

    Keep in mind I'm rather new to some of this stuff, although I have edited the quick panel icons of another rom I had once, but that's been so long ago I probably forgot some stuff.

    I don't want to edit the entire rom, just this part, the rest of the rom is fine and working, I would just like to remove the 3minit mod stuff and use a stock battery icon.

    Any help, and most of all patience would be grateful.

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