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Removing videos from phone to DVD

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by itsallgood, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hi All, I've tried doing a Google search on this and haven't found what I'm looking for. I have some videos on my Atrix, that I would like to convert/save to DVD. I have no idea what format the videos should be in to play back on a standard DVD player or how to do this. I've even tried transferring the videos to my computer, but when I click on the folder with the video's, it is empty. (But they are there, when I view the same file on my phone.) The videos are in 3gp format on my phone and I am running windows XP on my desktop. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  2. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Android Expert

    Okay, you'll probably want to find a converter to convert the video into something that Windows Movie Maker can handle. I don't think it has default support for 3gp. After that, you'll just drop the videos into the timeline and go from there.

    Perhaps handbrake. It is a very nice video conversion program, and it's free!
  3. Usta

    Usta Android Expert

    DVD format is getting old, and most of current DVD players can also play other video formats than plain DVDs (vob files using MPEG2 compression standard).

    So, step 1 is to find out what video formats your DVD player can handle.
    If it plays only conventional DVDs, then you will need to move the recorded video to PC, convert it to DVD compliant format (for example using DVD Flick), and then burning it to a DVD.
  4. Usta

    Usta Android Expert

    Yes, not all videos will work automatically in your DVD player.
    The software suggested above (DVD Flick) should convert videos in your PC and make them DVD compliant.

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