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Renaming certain folders on SD card gets reverted

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by U2LN, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. U2LN

    U2LN Lurker
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    I've had this issue where my default camera app corrupts photos when saving to the SD card, and I think it might have to do with the number of files in the camera folder (~500).

    I figured why not try renaming the current folder to something like camera_0 and then make a new folder called Camera... Problem is every time I do this it just gets reverted back to the original state. I even tried taking my card out and plugging it into my computer, but as soon as I put it back in my phone, it gets reverted... What gives?

    Also, if anyone has any other ideas for the photo issue, let me know.

  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    I don't think that number of photos is part of the problem, I've got around 3500 stored on my microSD card, a relatively modest number as I know a number of people who regularly keep 10,000 or more in their photo libraries.
    As for renaming established folders on your microSD card using your computer, it sounds like your computer may have read permissions to those folders but not necessarily write permissions. Another thing to keep in mind is if you are going to change the names of some folders, because the Android operating system and some apps may have settings that point directly to those specific folders as their defaults, by renaming them may cause bring about odd behavior issues -- i.e. the default folder for photos is the 'DCIM' folder (Digital Camera IMages). If you don't want to use that folder to store your camera photos, you need to go into the settings menu of your camera app and re-direct it to the folder you do want. You also should check the settings menu of your photo managing app (Gallery, Google Photos, etc.) so once you stop using that default DCIM folder it's going to also scan and index the folder you've set as your new default, photo storage. You might also need to check the settings menu of your texting app so instead of looking in the DCIM folder for photo attachments, it's looking at your new photo storage folder.
    I'd leave something like the photo default storage folder as is, there's a lot of operational things in our phones that are preset to rely on it. Depending on which photo managing app you're using, it won't display your photos sorted by whatever folders and sub-folders you create anyway, it's going to present everything it detects as a flat, all in one window display. Better to use the app's 'Albums' feature to sort and organize your photos -- the photo files themselves are still just stored in that DCIM folder, but using different albums you can display them in the different groupings that you prefer.
    What photo manager app are you using? Gallery? And which file manager app on your phone did you initially try to rename/add those folders?
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  3. U2LN

    U2LN Lurker
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    I'm aware that I should be able to store a lot more photos in a folder(500 is nowhere near the fat32 limit), but I'm thinking there might be an issue with my cheaper device. And as far as permissions, fat32 doesn't support them to my knowledge...

    I figure all this works based off of folder path names, so as long as I replace it with another folder with the same name in the same place I figure it should work...

    As far as sorting them, I'm not really trying to sort them, just want to have an empty folder for my camera to save to.

    I'm using google photos, built-in camera, and built-in file browser. I have also tried pulling my card out and renaming the folder with my computer.

    Edit: turns out it's exFAT, and not FAT32, which does seem to support permissions...
    Gotta figure out how to remove the protection...
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  4. U2LN

    U2LN Lurker
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    Well I feel like an idiot now...

    There were a couple of programs that I thought were writing to the card... But they were actually writing to the phone...

    Turns out nothing has been written to the card successfully since the beginning of August...

    I can't even reformat the card... So I guess that's that...

    On the plus side, it's now immune to ransomware...

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