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Jul 13, 2011
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I decided to try Agat's repack of FK23 kernel to get support for custom animation and init.d support. I know there are issues with the recovery for it, but I have titanium backup for apps etc. After installing via Mobile-Odin and rebooted every thing was working fine. However after rebooting into recovery (just to see it not do anything in it) and then rebooting I found all my paid for apps had disappeared. I went to the Google-play and went to download them and it would error saying it could not install to usb storage or sdcard. Luckily I had the one click of FL04-nodata and installed that and now have all my apps back. So apparently the mount USB storage issue may be affecting other things. I just found it odd that my paid for apps were the ones affected. Due to that issue I would recommend not using this version of the kernel at this time, and to wait for an updated version or a custom kernel.

Maybe a problen with the build.prop (i forgot the name i havent veen doing my android homework) but when hoark ported over the cm and some elise i forgot he edited the build config to show up as sg2 or another simaler phone thus the reason for doing so was becuase in the market you couldbt get pain apps or download certin apps. If this problen affected your apps with the above kernel i would suggest it to be a premission problem or the recovery isnt likeing the partition of the phone (i beileve the emmc part of this comes into play) i never used an android with built in storage called sd (which is stupid imo) but assumeing this is a defect code of android i say to check a log for recovery and see whats up. Honestly i have no freaking ideal how android code works i left that programmer stage awhile back when ios came out. I just know the basics to learn and understand code thats all :p hope all this helps
No, it isn't the build prop pr an emmc issue. The kernel isn't a port over, it's a modified repack of the kernel meant for our phones. Something in custom recovery didn't like it. the apps were there on the first boot up and worked fine. It was only after booting into recovery (nothing actually done in it) then rebooting into the normal OS that the problem showed its head.

The internal storage is done that way because there is a lot of it the phone has 16gig without adding in a sdcard. the advantage of this memory is speed which completely blows any sdcard out of the water (my class 10 card can't hold a candle to it)

Once I dropped in a no data install (which happened to be FL04 but FK23 would have worked too), the problem was completely gone and all my apps were there unharmed as if nothing happened to them. Something in the recovery is screwing the mounting.
how can you delete the recovery?

Well the repack is with the AGAT custom recovery (works like CWM). For now, I shall run a normal kernel with standard recovery due to issues with this kernel. I have my apps backed up with Titanium Backup so recovery will take a few more steps and not be as convenient, but at least it will work.
how do I flash the normal kernal?

Flash it in with Odin or if you have cleared your data you could just do the one click install of FK23 or FL04 etc.. If you have had problems and have been fiddling with it trying to get it to work, then you may want to do either a no data install (doesn't format your data partition so you have it) or start fresh with a recovery install which does format the data partition. The one click install will include the kernel.

You can get the kernel for your phone from the repository
[KERNELS][CWM][ODIN] Kernel Repository - Download Them All Here - xda-developers
I can't get mobile Odin to work, it keeps trying to do the "Dump" when its done it goes away. I click it again and it starts over...

I had a transform ultra b4 this and had no issues do any mods with it. this one is just so
Working like a charm....Thanks again...

Cool, glad you are back up and going. Mobile Odin didn't want to work on my phone until I changed my ROM. It kept saying it couldn't recognize it. I believe it was looking at the model number and seeing the BST on the end confused it. the Rom I installed was FK23 and it doesn't have the BST in the model number then mobile Odin worked fine

Is there a recovery I can run without flashing a new rom? For now I just want to be able to make a back up. I plan on flashing cm10 once its more stable. Plus my boss gave me this phone as a demo and said no modding for a few months.
Is there a recovery I can run without flashing a new rom? For now I just want to be able to make a back up. I plan on flashing cm10 once its more stable. Plus my boss gave me this phone as a demo and said no modding for a few months.

Well you can do the return to stock and take it back to FI22 or FG31 etc, as far as recovery, the recovery for FK23 is having issues. I keep the one click handy and have Titanium Backup for my apps right now. On the rooted stock ROM I used the AGAT recovery for backup with no issues.

you can flash in a kernel with the recovery for the ROM you are on. if you are on FI22 you will then need to use triangle away (on the Google store) to make the yellow triangle not show up on boot after flashing in a new kernel.