Apr 24, 2012
Hey everyone, new here, just wanted to ask if this is standard.

I just got my Galaxy S2 back in the post from an official Samsung UK repair center, only to find that a software update had been done, to 'improve your phone's performance'.

I live in the UK and am with Orange, and what this boils down to is:

Homescreens - deleted
Apps and app settings - deleted
Messages - deleted
Contacts - deleted

Of course the loss goes deeper than that, because you spend so long setting your phone up just how you like it in the time you have it, for example custom backgrounds, icons, widgets configured just how you want them..

The icing on the cake is that the version of Android they updated me with was actually a regression of what was already on there, the difference is that a big ol' fat layer of Orange bloat has been put on top of everything. There is now an Orange theme that supposedly I can't delete without rooting the phone, and a homescreen hub app which just seems surplus to requirements, locks up all the time and isn't closable or removable.

I talked (yeah right) to a guy at Samsung on the phone about deleting people's personal stuff without asking, his response was that they handle a lot of repairs, how could they have time to ask? Well, I spoke to them three times on the phone last week, the phone has been back and forth twice, and they have invoiced me a couple of times so... oh yeah and I also gave them a lot of money for a new screen. Incidentally it was a hairline crack that didn't effect either viewing or use, but they wouldn't even investigate the reason it wasn't turning on until I had paid upfront for a new screen I really really didn't want. They said potential water damage.. I heard $$

Luckily since the firmware they installed is so old I think Kies will get rid of it with a simple update. But unfortunately all of my personal stuff is gone for good. I just feel like as a repair service this was.. the absolute opposite of helpful and I don't understand why it would be standard policy.

Is this really Samsung standard? If it is, I don't see how I can keep giving them my money.. I'm going to have paid
i had the same prob except mine deleted more! Ok so i looked like this :thinking: BUT THERE IS A WAY! dounds crazy but do a hard reset meening clear ALL the storage , i kno its scary. Then once you take your phone in they will simply tell you that you must have cleaned it out and they will surly back it all up for ya. be carefull how you word it . rememeber that you did a hard reset by a random chance. thats all