Jun 9, 2010
Hey everyone, I've got a rooted HTC Incred running do I change the boot up animation/sound? Specifically, I'm looking for a way to change it to the Nexus One's boot up animation. During my search, I came across the website It seems that it only caters to the Motorola Droid, but does anyone know otherwise?

Not sure if these methods will work since you're running Froyo as the location of the boot animation has been changed. We had a thread on this awhile back but I'm too lazy to find it now. ;)

Certain methods contained in the above links might still work, I never got around to trying it on 2.2.

Edit: Found the thread

If you run adrynalyne's EVO port rom you can use the original methods. Here is a post from adrynalyne regarding the boot animation "You can now install just about any boot animation easily, without wondering if it works with Verizon's Dinc changes. I moved bootanimation back to the original spot. (\system\media)"

Good Luck!
I am guessing at this point if you used unrevoked forever you can just delete the old boot animation (or move it) and place the new one into the same directory with root explorer.