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Replacement battery. Where should I get one?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by porksoda, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. porksoda

    porksoda Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well my battery only last for like 30min-1hour so I need to get a new battery ASAP.
    Any ideas where and what kind I should get?

    I currently have a (model:DREA160) 1150mAh battery.

    I would like something that has a longer battery life though.
    Thanks for any help!

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  2. sal2103

    sal2103 Newbie

    hi, im havin the same problem all of a sudden where my battery is dying in 1-2hours if im using it and not even on heavy use.

    ive ordered a battery from ebay uk...altho the battery is coming from america.
    here is the item: 1400mAh HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY FOR HTC DREAM GOOGLE G1 on eBay (end time 07-Dec-10 16:41:23 GMT)

    I wanted a standard size battery as the 2300mah would make the g1 a little too bulky with the bigger back. I originally saw these (Amazon.com: 2x Battery 1400mAh for HTC T-Mobile G1 Android Phone: Electronics) but they where not shipping to uk at the time. Reviews did say they seemed ok and being 1400Mah did have a lil more power then standard 1150 ones. It hasnt arrived yet but once it does i will let u know.
  3. sal2103

    sal2103 Newbie

    plus its only
  4. sal2103

    sal2103 Newbie

    Hey..just a follow up to this post. My new battery finely cam today in the post and so far so good. It is the 1400 Mah as ordered, came with 33% charged and ive been on facebook, sent 6-8 text, played with settings and made a call and after a hour the battery is at 31%. I'm going to wait for battery to fully died so i can calibrate it and hopefully my problems should be solved :)
  5. sal2103

    sal2103 Newbie

    ok so having it at 33% charged from when delivered, my G1 lasted me 8.5 hours to completely dies so the replacement battery was definitely worth it.
  6. sal2103

    sal2103 Newbie

    1st fully charge done today.....took off charge at 10.30am, now its 12.15am (11.5hours) and ive got 29% left. I have to say i was worried buying this battery but its has been perfect and the extra 250mAh is showing :)

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