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Accessories Replacement battery...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by murphy_31047, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. murphy_31047

    murphy_31047 Newbie
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  2. kimtyson

    kimtyson Member

  3. velvetelvis

    velvetelvis Newbie

  4. holycow72

    holycow72 Lurker

    I had the same question...
  5. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    Anyone actually have this to give a review? I'd love to pick up a little longer life battery, but not a chinese crap model on fleabay
  6. Havokid

    Havokid Newbie

    Got my 1600 mAh on eBay from Cali. Been 1 day and a half since it was off the charger and it's at 54%. Not bad for an eBay product.
  7. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    how does it compare to OEM? my OEM only gets me about half a day, lol.

    Can you link to the ebay item so i can look?
  8. jonhcox

    jonhcox Well-Known Member

    Indeed. I'm interested too.
  9. Havokid

    Havokid Newbie

    I know the advertisement says 1500 mAh, but when I got mines on the mail, it said 1600 mAh. Took about 5 days to arrives from California to Michigan. Just remember to charge the battery with their charger for about 4-6 hours before using it in the phone. I charged it all the way, then replaced it with the OEM one, it displayed 98% even though the charger they sent me said charge FULL, so I connected the phone to charge till I had 100%. Took it off, now it's been 2 whole days and it's 48% right now.

    EDIT// for some reason, the link isn't working. Here's the ID#, just put this in eBay's search engine: 170598934849
  10. Havokid

    Havokid Newbie

  11. kb58

    kb58 Well-Known Member

    Seems too good to be true...

    Without listing exactly how the phone is being used during these "tests", it's meaningless. Testing a battery really isn't that hard, but I'm afraid all we're going to get are these sort of testimonials based on huge variations in testing methology.

    I like it to be true - this magic battery - absolutely! I'm just... skeptical. If someone can post an objective comparison test I'd buy one in a second.
  12. H2oFowler

    H2oFowler Newbie

    I just want to know it wont blow up my phone. I just hate for this $30 experiment to include an insurance claim.
  13. Havokid

    Havokid Newbie

    My phone's acting fine. No harm done.
  14. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    Okay, seriously, either post a legitimate review of battery or don't post anything. You claim you ordered the 1500mah and got a 1600mah battery, yet you didn't show photos. People expressed responses with legitimate concerns, aftermarket batteries OFTEN leak\explode\expand causing damage, and those are the concerns they're expressing, none of which you're qualified to reply to yet as you've had the battery for a DAY.

    Additionally, many times chinese imported cheap batteries will post whatever mah rating they want. So they take a 1200 mah battery, print 1600mah on it so they can sell a bunch. Prove it's 1600mah... and if it's not, what are you going to do? Unfortunately there's no oversight board, and that's why people are relying on word of mouth testimonial, but I wish you'd do an objective review, or none at all. Clearly you bought it so you're going to defend it, that's fine, but defend it with tests and results.
  15. Dragonsbane

    Dragonsbane Newbie

    I just bought some batteries online and they wont be here for two weeks or so, I will be monitoring my phones up time with no in between charges fro the next week or so then the charges with the new battery. Hopefully this will be more informative.
  16. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    Perfect, I look forward to a more quantitative review :)

    Hope them cookies fit! lol
  17. H2oFowler

    H2oFowler Newbie

    And just what test do you recommend? I think its a little unreasonable for someone to be required to purchase expensive electrical test equipment in order to put a post on this site.

    I bought the battery and will test it in my phone, for $30 who cares if it doesnt work.
  18. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    Not looking for a technical analysis, just something a little more than "it fits in my phone" like the poster said, haha.

    Which did you buy? The seller that he said he got a 1600mah that was labeled 1500mah on the auction no longer is selling them
  19. H2oFowler

    H2oFowler Newbie

    The same seller has more batteries with the same "specs." They are all about $30 on ebay. I am concerned about the quality, so on work days I will use the battery that came with the phone. When I am out playing in the mountains I will take both in my backpack. I dont have a problem with battery ordinarily, but when I am skiing in the backcountry or hunting then I tend to use GPS and such and burn more battery.

    Quantitative testing does in fact require equipment and a control. Anything other than that is qualitative.
  20. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    Can you provide a link? I can't find them. eBay makes it so hard to find US sellers anymore, haha
  21. H2oFowler

    H2oFowler Newbie

  22. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

  23. jdk2

    jdk2 Well-Known Member

  24. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    HAHA, that's the same seller I ordered my battery for when I had my last phone! They said they ship from the US, but yet when you get the package it's DHL globalmail from hong kong. VERY shady as many of their feedbacks have said.

    Screw that, if I'm going to order from HK it should be $15 or less. I don't trust the crap I've ordered from over there, I'll wait till seideo or someone reputable comes along with a battery.

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