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Replacement for Home++ "Power Strip"?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by DGalt, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. DGalt

    DGalt Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm guessing no....

    But when 2.1 comes out I'm probably going to stop using Home++ unless the dev really optimizes it and there is no performance decrease as a result of running it. Being able to jump onto the web, though, or make phone calls from any of my screens is a really useful feature. It'd be nice if someone (or, preferable, Google), implemented some type of useful bar along with bottom instead of just the App Menu toggle button

  2. eNons3nse

    eNons3nse Member

    The thing is, 2.1 changed the home screen app drawer layout more dramatically than any previous release, so the 3rd party home screen developers will just have to catch up if they don't want to look outdated. It will happen eventually. The problem may arise though, that if a 3rd party home replacement gets to the level of 2.1 it may loose smooth operation with less hardware capable phones that google wouldn't have pushed 2.1 onto. The home replacements already run more laggy than the stock home pretty much as a rule.

    I bet you can still run Home++ on 2.1 if you really wanted to though.
  3. DGalt

    DGalt Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I don't really want to use Home++. As you said, all homescreen replacements slow the phone down. But the powerstrip is immensely useful, and it would be nice if someone designed something to replace it without having to run an entire homescreen app
  4. Tim K

    Tim K Android Expert

    That would be a nice feature. Obviously, you could just put those icons on the bottom of each screen. With only 3 screens there isn't enough real estate now, but with 2.1 and 5 screens maybe you can spare 4 slots on every screen for Phone, Web, Mail, Messages. Maybe just a widget you could put on every screen...something that lets you put 5 shortcuts in the space of 4...that would be nice.
  5. rhyno

    rhyno Member

    There is that app (can't recall the name) that allows you to use smaller icons as well, that may let you put more than 4 at the bottom of each screen..
  6. jfe

    jfe Android Enthusiast

    More Icons

    The only bad thing is that it wont use widgets, and icons modified with better cut cannot be placed there
  7. bdbull

    bdbull Newbie

    I tried the free version of this last night. It was pretty cool, but now I can't get it to work at all. I tried to create a second "group" but none of the shortcuts changed icons and pressing them did nothing. I have uninstalled it because it is now completely useless as it won't do anything anymore.
  8. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Android Expert

    Thats why I love DxTop and will miss the 5 icon bar at the bottom. I wrote the following to Google:

    I have a suggestion for the home screen design on the Droid. If you compress the 4 x 4 grid upward you can allow additional common area at the bottom of the screen which will enable a bar that could hold 5 or more common apps (one or two rows) that would be available on every screen. This would also make the home screen more proportional when in landscape mode.

    Please respond so I know you got this suggestion. Something free would be nice, maybe a Nexus One.

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