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Replacing screen and housing (need info)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by beepbot, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. beepbot

    beepbot Newbie
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    I am interested to refurbish my phone. The screen is scratched, as is the outer casing. I would like to replace both.

    My phone's display is fine, it's the scratched screen that I want to replace. I have found LCDs for sale, but I'm under the impression that that is not what I need. Apparently, there is another layer of plastic on top of the LCD (pictured, scroll to bottom): Android Forums - View Single Post - [How-To] Tearing apart your Optimus

    I have Googled unsuccessfully, so if anyone has information on 1) how to get the parts (screen and casing) and 2) how to perform the refurb, I would grateful. Thanks!


  2. bac22

    bac22 Well-Known Member

    Best bet would be to find a phone on ebay that's being sold for parts with the parts you want being in good shape. If you send a phone in under warranty for repair, my guess is that they just throw it away and send you a new phone...cost less to do that then to actually repair it.

    Unfortunately, not seeing any on ebay yet, but I'm sure they show up from time to time.

    lg optimus v | eBay

    You could also try contact this ebay seller...maybe they can help you out

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