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Report: Apple working on Verizon iPhone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Droidcula, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Droidcula

    Droidcula Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    NEW YORK - The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple may be working on an iPhone designed for Verizon Wireless.
    Currently AT&T is the only U.S. phone company that carries the iPhone.
    Citing unnamed sources, The Journal said Monday that Apple is planning to debut a new iPhone this summer, and on top of that appears to be working on a model for Verizon. The report says it is unclear when the Verizon model would be available.

    Tell me again how Apple and Verizon have no interest in crushing HTC and Google.

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  2. A User Name

    A User Name Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I am sure Verizon is "interested in crushing HTC and Google" by carrying all of these awesome Android and HTC phones...
  3. John58543

    John58543 Android Enthusiast

    So a CDMA iPhone? I doubt it seriously...unless AT&T has made them mad. Which if I was Apple I would be pretty pissed at AT&T for quality of service...my friend's iPhone drops 5-6 calls a day! That's why I bought a Droid Eris. So anyways, iPhone to Verizon....highly unlikely...but hey, if it happens...would probably take a sizeable amount of sales away from Android phones...just my opinion. Not saying iPhone is better by any means...just seems like the masses want an iPhone...
  4. JimmyRayBob

    JimmyRayBob Android Enthusiast

    I used to want an iphone on verizon, but after owning my eris, I'm sure that I'm better off with what I've got. and I'm sure I'm not alone here :)
  5. esn

    esn Android Enthusiast

    Verizon doesn't care what phone they sell they just carry phones that sell! they are in business to make a profit and they have done a terrific job. With their customer service and network plus phones that sell equals success.
  6. vivimatsuk

    vivimatsuk Newbie

    lol ive been reading these news for about a year now. i wish the iphone comes to verizon :) i want it. lol i know hate me. but i still love my Droid! :D
  7. infil

    infil Well-Known Member

    I look at the iphone/blackberry/android "wars" like motor oil. Being a mechanic its the best i can relate it to.

    Mobil 1(iphone) is crap oil. I wouldn't put it in any car i own. Its outdated chemically, provies minimal protection for a synthetic, and has none of the benefits you will find in a quality synthetic. Mobil 1 has one thing the rest of the quality makers dont need to have, a truly massive advertising budget. The more exposure you get for your feces, the more people will buy it.

    Penzoil/Castrol/Valvoline(blackberry) has been around for years, is trusted and dosent need to pump money into advertising, the reputation is there and people trust it. Even the top of the lines from these respective companies are fair to moderate, provide average service life and get the job done, their not the best you could put into your engine by any means.

    Amsoil/Royal Purple/Redline (android) not as well known, but established with fantical users who refue to substitute. The best protection you can get, the longest service life by far, and constantly evolving to meet the needs of newer vehicles with tighter tolerances, more extreme operating temps and ever tightening emissions and fuel economy restrictions.

    Maybe not entirely accurate, but the iphones ive seen basically suck. Slow on the net w/o wifi, service in general is mediocre, and your somewhat hamstrung with apps and other items as I understand it as if its not in the market and you dont want to crack the phone, your stuck with what your offered.

    My blackberry experience is probably marred so I'll just avoid this one.

    Android gives you the flexibility to run non market apps if you so choose, its open source meaning the tools are readily available for anyone to develop apps for the phones, and its not tied down to one specific carrier meaning you can stay with your carrier and get what you want.

    Apple is a giant that will probably not go away, and all things technology are always going to have inherent limitations, bugs and problems. But IMHO android will probably continue to make a huge dent in iphone, blackberry and the rest of the pda market for quite some time. Even coming to verizon, if that ever happens, while it may hurt other phone sales initially, I dont think the momentum will continue. The iphone was a mold breaker when it came out, however its dated, anyway you cut it, the phone has not gone through any major evolutions in quite some time. Going from 1.5 to 2.1 on my eris was like a new phone. HUGE change for the better.

    Android, while the new kid on the block, has definitely made a mark and I dont imagine it will go anywhere.
  8. Droidcula

    Droidcula Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Isn't the Eris on the "end of service life" as of April 1st 2010?
  9. xjken

    xjken Newbie

    that's a great analogy. Totally agree. Androids are more for a geek / techy type IMO.
    My bro-in-law loves his Sony TV, Dell PC, and his Apple i phone. I'll take my vizeo, newegg custom build PC, and android any day.

    INFIL - I agree with you with the Mobil1, So what do you think of Valvoline Synthetic?
  10. CJBullitt

    CJBullitt Member

    We have Android they can keep the iphone we don't need it.

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  11. trav473

    trav473 Android Enthusiast

    Not to take away from the thread, but I just had to say that my wife seriously had and Uncle Buck Russell!!! LMAO. love the pic
  12. mobimop

    mobimop Well-Known Member

    Mobil 1 is crap oil? It's outdated? Read BITOG forums much, I guess not? Apple is a giant and won't go away? Are you kidding? They hold the smallest percentage in market share in their segment. RIM is the market leader in the smartphone segment and they aren't going away anytime soon. The iPhone will get a refresh this June/July and they'll re-write the book again on smart phones, it's what they do.
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  13. jhewit22

    jhewit22 Well-Known Member

    I always wanted an iPhone, but have loved my Droid Eris. If iPhone reinvented the wheel and came out with a smarter smart phone on Verizon, we'd all jump on that train. We're all tech geeks and guru's and we'll move to the hottest technology...right?!
  14. swe3t23

    swe3t23 Android Enthusiast

    i thought they are making iphone for verizon when lte is available
  15. AudiDan

    AudiDan Well-Known Member

    LOL very old news(rumors) repeated again.
  16. ///Nick

    ///Nick Newbie

    I'm pretty sure this is what's going to happen. No use making CDMA when LTE is close to release. It will be wasted money.
  17. x531x

    x531x Member

    Lmao great point! Exactly what I was thinking.
  18. alexhendershott

    alexhendershott Well-Known Member

    I've had the iPhone, and the entire time I had to jailbreak it to make it worthwhile. Unless Apple really redefines what the iPhone stands for this summer, I doubt it will make an impact. At least for me. I can't speak for the whole, but at this moment in time, Android is where the future is. I have no interest what so ever in going back to Apple. As soon as the Nexus One comes out for Verizon, that's where I will be going.
  19. mobimop

    mobimop Well-Known Member

    LTE is only for DATA not VOICE.... CDMA will still be around after LTE.
  20. mobimop

    mobimop Well-Known Member

    The complete story is Apple will be releasing a iPhone running CDMA + LTE for Verizon. It will be the first Verizon phone to be able to do voice + data at the same time...

    Eventually Voice over LTE will be perfected and will replace CDMA but Verizon is planning to keep/phase out CDMA in the 2018/2020 time frame.
  21. dewalist

    dewalist Android Enthusiast

    I, too, want the iPhone to come to Verizon. The iPhone is the dominant platform and because of how Apple operates, it will remain so for quite some time. Let me explain.

    People love the iPhone for two reasons: the phone itself (hardware/OS) and the zillions of apps that are available. The phone is a beast, and they did not skimp on the components (as that recent screen test showed). The OS is fast and stable, and was miles ahead of the other available options (WinMo, Symbian) at the time. As for apps, they are so plentiful because there are so few models to support, and even those few are quite similar. It is much easier for an app developer to make an iPhone app than an Android app. Yes, Apple is restrictive in their policies - but by doing so they ensure that things remain simple and easy for the consumer.

    Compare that to Android. Consider also how many Android phones are as powerful (CPU and graphical power) as the iPhone. It is a sadly short list - even now. For apps, as I mentioned above, an app developer must support everything from the G1 to the Nexus One (because of significant differences between those phones) or risk getting bad reviews. They could end up spending so much time debugging that their app is not really making them much money...

    IMHO, Google jumped the gun. If they had followed Apple's model of not licensing their OS to other manufacturers, and if they had kept their OS in development until it at least reached the 2.1 stage, they would be in a better position to attack the iPhone juggernaut. They could have waited, kept their resources focused on the goal, and released the Nexus One last year with the current level of features in 2.1. Considering how many Droids and Eris's were sold in the last 6 months, you could easily have made up those sales plus the other Android phone sales that have occurred since the G1 launch. You can't release something that doesn't measure up to the biggest competitor and expect to slowly chip away at their lead over time. They will not sit still and wait for you - they will continue moving forward, so you will always be playing catch-up.

    Just for the record - I'm not an Apple fanatic. I have never owned any Apple product, but if the iPhone comes out for Verizon - I will...
  22. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    The first and last sentences in your informative post are sort of like bookends, aren't they.
  23. swe3t23

    swe3t23 Android Enthusiast

    the phone won't come till 2011

    probably announce it in the summer

    isn't spirint already have phones on 4g network already
  24. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Well, there's a lot to do.

    I am wondering if it'll "match" the AT&T version looks wise, function-for-function, or if it'll have interesting differences.
  25. mars_e30

    mars_e30 Lurker


    I have zero desire for the iPhone after buying the Eris.

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