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republic wireless stupid unboxing questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by boathead, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. boathead

    boathead Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    hey, this is my first cell phone, i'm an older guy, and i don't see very well. i just now opened the box, and i'm very intimidated. so here goes with my stupid questions:

    1. there is a sim tool. do i have to get a sim card, or is there one already in it? does republic even use a sim card?

    2. there appears to be a screen protector already on it. but it has some sort of big arrow on one corner. am i suppose to take it off? again, i don't see very well, so i'm not sure what the heck is on it.

    3. there isn't much in the way of instructions. does anyone know of a good tutorial maybe on youtube where i can learn about the interface? though this is my first cell phone, i have experience with cell phone devices, just using them as media players and ereaders.

    thanks in advance.

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  3. skippy126

    skippy126 Member

    I have a moto x from republic and with regards to question #1, no republic doesn't use a sim card. No need to mess with the tool or anything.

    I agree with the previous poster...take the protective screen cover off. Its just a temporary protector to ensure the screen isn't scratched or damaged during shipping.
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  4. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    Welcome from another older guy with bad vision.

    The only stupid question is one you don't want the answer to.

    If it comes with a SIM tool, that means that there's a SIM card. If you got the phone from your cellphone carrier, the SIM card is in the phone. If you bought the phone outright, with no plan (usually on the internet), there's probably no card. You'd get it from the carrier when you sign up for a plan. (The SIM card basically tells the system who you are - your account number.)

    Most screens these says - phones, laptops, etc., come with that kind of cover. There should be a little tab on a corner or the middle one side so you can lift it off easily.

    I'd invest in a screen protector. They go for a few bucks, and even if you have to pay the store to put it on, it doesn't cost much. But it saves you from having to replace a scratched up screen. (The screen will still break, though - don't put the phone in your back pocket and sit on it.)

    If you put

    moto x

    into Youtube's search box, you'll get tired before you run out of instructional videos to watch. A lot of it is Android - the operating system. That's the same on all Android phones. Some of it will be specific to the Moto X. Take it slow. Learn how to put in your gmail account. (If you don't have one, you can create one.) Learn how to put in contacts. Save all your contacts to your account. (The other choice is to the phone - but if anything happens, the phone goes bad, you lose it, you decide you like a different one better, whatever - contacts on your account will download to any phone you put that account into, so you won't have to type them all in again.)

    You might want to download an app (application - program, really) called MyPhoneExplorer. One of the features is an input window, so you can type on the computer. It's handy if you want to put in a dozen contacts at once. Easier than typing on the phone. It acts as a keyboard, so everything you type (or paste) in there is going to the phone (when you have the phone connected to your computer). It's free at the Google Play store. (Used to be called the Market - I guess they're trying to cater to the kids.)

    One step at a time - but if you're an old guy like me you already know that. I don't know what your interests are, but if you look around the Play store ( https://play.google.com/store/apps and just start typing things into the search bar) you'll find apps for just about everything. There are music and video players, ebook readers of all sorts.

    We'll be spending a few hours in the ER waiting room tomorrow morning (wife has a problem) and she has Bingo on her phone. I play solitaire on mine. We can also transfer money at the bank using the phone. Apple had a sales line "there's an app for that" - there is, in Android too. None to mow your lawn yet, though, darn it.

    Take it slowly and enjoy the phone.

    Oh, if you look in the lounge here, you'll see one thread where we old farts are complaining about the young kids of today. You're not the only old guy here. And one gal uses the screen name Grandma, so she's got to be at least ...errr ... ummm ... yeah, like that. (She thinks she's old. My kid has a couple of grandkids. But he's far from retirement, so he's still a kid.)

    Enjoy - it's about all we have left to do.
  5. boathead

    boathead Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    thanks for the replies folks.

    in the light of day i'll take a more in depth look at the phone. the sim tool isn't making sense to me, because i'm thinking republic works off sprint towers, right? that is cdma.

    it's all good! i have a screen protector ordered, and now i just have to decide if i want a case. probably should, as i have foster children ages 4 and 2 that love to disable anything i own.:D
  6. skippy126

    skippy126 Member

    Yup, exactly! :)
  7. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Android Expert

    If I am not mistaken then Republic wireless is now able to use Sprints LTE 4g with the Moto X which does indeed use a sim card. Even though their 3g is CDMA and no sim required it is different with LTE and needs a sim card and one should be provided.
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  8. boathead

    boathead Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    ok, i think i'm understanding. 4 g is only of concern to me for data, is that correct?

    i am very excited about this phone and the republic service. i will need access to data maybe 5 days in a year. that i can switch to that plan temporarily is key to me.
  9. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Android Enthusiast

    I am a Republic Wireless Moto X user. Not old, not young... just right :p

    DO NOT TOUCH THE SIM. There IS a SIM in the phone (pre-installed by Republic Wireless). As with ALL carriers using LTE technology, they use a SIM. Republic Wireless wishes they could have sent the phones without the SIM removal tool. There are several cases on the Republic Wireless community support site of people accidentally taking the SIM out. Even when they put it back in, the phone won't work anymore. I'm not sure why, but it seems to affect the phone altogether and not just from using the 4G LTE data network. They end up sending the phone back for a replacement.

    Remove the "screen protector". It is just there for pre-ship diagnostic and shipping purposes. If you want a screen protector, you can add one back on. Although, there wouldn't be a problem leaving it on if you really wanted to.

    As for instructions, yeah... lots of people wish it came with some sort of basic info on how to use Android... or at least what all the settings in the phone mean. But apparently the main reason they don't is because carriers can (and do) change everything from the launcher to the settings that are even accessible. The prior mentioned links on Android / Moto X use though are a good start.
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  10. boathead

    boathead Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    very helpful. it would seem to me that a little stickie note "Don't touch the sim" would save some headache.

    and i'm ok with android. i have experience with gingerbread and the latest iterations of jelly bean. the moto x version, i think i have 4.2 on the phone, will be new to me, specifically the voice activation/google now/active display customizations.

    truth be told i think i'd have opted for the nexus 5 were it not for republic's $10 per month plan.
  11. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Android Enthusiast

    Don't hold me to it, but I believe there is an orange piece of paper in the shipping box (not in the phone's box) that does say something along the lines of "the SIM is already installed by Republic Wireless, there is no need to use the SIM tool"... I think that was the best they could do within their power. Although making it a sticky note so it was attached to the box might help make it more prominent.

    The Nexus 5 is a very nice phone. Display is so much better, and it has Photosphere available in the camera settings. However, I do like the Moto X's always listening "OK, Google Now" feature and use it a lot. Now, if RW had offered the Samsung S4 as well as the Moto X, I wouldn't be able to make up my mind.
  12. FLAgrandma

    FLAgrandma Lurker

    Hi, I'm considering signing up with Republic too - been reading on their site all about Moto X and one thing it did say about the Sim tool that comes with it - DON'T REMOVE THE SIM CARD!!! It's not like a normal one that stores data, it's how the Moto connects to 4G LTE when it needs to. Here's the exact quote from their Community FAQ area: NOTE: The SIM removal tool ships standard with all Motorola Moto X phones. The SIM card that is preinstalled in Republic's Moto X is not a traditional SIM card, meaning it doesn't store personal information. Instead, it's what gives you access to 4G LTE towers. You should not remove the SIM tray or remove or replace the SIM card in your Republic Moto X.

    So, I gathered you just don't mess with their SIM card. :) Let us know how well you like the Moto X, I'm thinking of parting with my dollars and getting one!
  13. boathead

    boathead Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    figure RW will cost me 420 the first year, then 120. so let's pretend that is a two year contract: 540 bucks. what do folks normally pay? alot more i've been led to believe.
  14. FLAgrandma

    FLAgrandma Lurker

    Oh yes, I would have paid more than that for a Tracfone smartphone over the course of a year and it's a bargain but still would've cost more and not had JellyBean. :)
  15. boathead

    boathead Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    ok, folks, thanks for the help. i most certainly would have screwed things up with the sim, figuring they gave it to me for a reason.:thinking:

    i just spent a few hours setting the thing up. all i can say is "what fun is this thing???":D i sort of like to play around with my devices, and there is nothing to play around with! it does absolutely everything for me.

    unbelievable. my first ever cell phone calls, and i didn't even have to touch the damn thing. i'm watching a movie, and i didn't have to hit play. before that i played some music with touchless control. i guess "ok google now" is very much a part of my vocab.

    my ONLY beef so far is that the dark colors on the movie i am watching are a bit too dark. is that something i can tweak?
  16. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    I went the same path. You're either going to love the changes or hate them.

    Oh, and the case isn't to keep the kids from taking the phone apart. (There used to be a toy that was supposed to be totally indestructible. It took my then-about-3-year-old niece a whole 15 minutes to have it in pieces all over the carpet. Not broken - disassembled. "Child-proof" is orders of magnitude tougher than merely "indestructible", and phones are very destructible. But, hey, they DO survive to grow up. The question is whether WE survive the process.)

    It's to protect the phone if you drop it. Get a case with an inner soft layer. Most manufacturers are going with what's called TPE - a rubbery plastic. It's just a shock absorber. Like a car, if you hit a bump, you don't jam your knee into your chin, but if you try driving over a huge pothole you'll still need front-end work. The case protects the phone from little falls, not getting knocked out of a second story window onto a concrete driveway. (You need an old Nextel phone for that - they made one that will still be here after the universe ends - THAT was indestructible, child-proof - I think it would have survived The Flood.)

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