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repurposing an old device

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dlee20, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. dlee20

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    Hello, I have an old Samsung Captivate with gingerbread, its been since deactivated and replaced with a new phone. I was wondering if there were any way I can turn this into some kind of simple wireless device for internet/pandora usage? I no longer need it as a phone but its still in pretty good shape, seems a shame to toss it. Any advice to guides, tutorials or whatever would be appreciated.

  2. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    Just switch wifi on man :thumbup:
  3. divinebovine

    divinebovine Android Expert

    I use a never-activated phone that way. No special procedures were required, just turn it on and use it like any other Android device.
  4. soycoffee

    soycoffee Lurker

    I have made the switch from phone to wi-fi device. Here's how I did it, with some options in parentheses.

    Set up a home network with my laptop and my Kindle, using the Medialink Router 150, purchased from Amazon.com, with Comcast internet from the laptop's connection. [you can probably do it with a dedicated wifi hotspot, but this way I know that the internet is coming in. I'm novice enough not to want to troubleshoot uncertain connections.]

    The Medialink router is the hub for my apartment-sized, mostly line-of-sight, wifi network. I've added a netbook I don't ordinarily use, except for Skype calls. And I added the dysfunctional Captivate running Eclair.

    Medialink has a website with a lot of information on setting up a home network; they also provide phone support during the week, with one day extended hours. You need to note, in the process,

    a) what an ip address looks like, to recognize your own -- numbers & dots
    b) the name of your network, and the password you want to use for it
    c) the individual devices on the network, and their names -- only for setup

    For setup, it is easier to keep the router connected to the computer you use until the network is up and running, because you are naming -- and "seeing" -- each device on the network. Once everything is running, the supporting computer can be accessed through wifi without the electrical cord.

    You work with each device separately, one-by-one, to add it to your network.

    You get it set up, and with the Medialink browser, it just works, after that. How refreshing, after the battles with ATT, and Samsung to a lesser extent.
    The only times it has not work have been when I've run over the cord that connects the Router to its power supply!

    Then, be prepared to be amazed. First thing to notice /know is that you are not locked in to the store that ATT says you are locked in to. Start looking for Play.google/wifi apps to download, first by logging in from a computer with your phone attached by usb. The Play Store will get to know your Anroid version/phone, and let you know what android software related to wifi will work with your phone. Once you know the Play Store ropes, and want to download over wifi without attaching the phone to the computer, what you do is use the phone's browser to connect to play.google.com and do searches for what you want. You will get error messages trying to block you from purchasing and downloading the software. Just keep hitting enter, until you have passed the "you're not allowed to DO this" messages from the ATT block. Your software will download, and you can continue to explore wifi.

    I have not set my phone up as a hot spot, and don't know if it is strong enough. I can make wifi phone calls to standard phone numbers; I have a Verizon prepaid phone to use for callbacks, if needed. Between Play.Google.com/ and wifi internet of other sorts, you should have a lot to explore. Remember, though, that all that magical connectedness will disappear when you step outside the door of your home. Then you will be looking for public wifi of various sorts outside your door.

    Good Luck,

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