Root [REQ] Build.Prop


Android Expert
Aug 5, 2012
Middle of No Where
Hello my name Is Dizzle1, I am actually from the ZTE Warp forum and I was wondering if anyone on this wonderful forum would mind uploading the build.prop out of the xperia play so I could have a copy of a couple of lines of code to perform a device fake to see if I could get some of the apps running on the warp such as the COD Black Ops Zombies game made for the play which will run on our phone if you start the game in tutorial mode and then complete it, Then it will take you into Kino Der Toten let you roam and kill one or to zombies and then the app exits to home. I think it is possible to make it work because everything runs flawless it just force closes and I figured faking the ro.product.board (I think it is) kind of like with the old netflix app's hack and we could get it on any phone.
All help is greatly appreciated