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Request: Hand-holding for Sweet Home Wifi MAC User??

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by scudder, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. scudder

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    May 21, 2010

    May 21, 2010
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    Hi there...

    My third shot at getting some help with the app Sweet Home WiFi Picture Backup that can be found here:


    I'm looking for some MAC-SPECIFIC help with this app, from someone (much unlike myself!!) who has had some success connecting to their computer!!

    I'm using an EVO 4G but the issue, I believe, is on the computer-side of the setup...

    I'm in the middle of the laborious process of upgrading my computer and moving allllll the files from the old to the new. I had a 6+ year old Powerbook G4 running 10.4.11 and now I have a MacBook Pro with Lion 10.7.2.

    Anyway, 10.4 wasn't working with the Sweet Home but, rumor has it, OS 10.5 or above will allow the proper file share settings to connect the app on the phone to a Mac. That being said, however, I cannot for the life of me seem to get connected!!!:('

    I believe the issue lies on the computer side where I just can't seem to get the right settings for the computer to be recognized by the app. There are some "troubleshooting" Help sections within the app (all of which I have read!) giving directions to get your "Mac viewable on a PC" and setting up "WINS" (??) so that the Mac will connect but, as I said, it just ain't working for me :( I think I've followed things correctly but can't seem to get the phone to "see" my computer...

    Hence, the request for a little "hand-holding" :rolleyes:

    So, any Mac guy out there able to run this app on their phone who can help me out a bit??



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