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Research Project for my Master's thesis (Android Privacy)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Gaurav Srivastava, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. Gaurav Srivastava

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    Hey Friends,

    As part of my Master's thesis (in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University and TU Munich), I have developed an Android App, which is based on Crowdsourcing, In-Situ traffic analysis for detecting and personal information being leaked by apps you use in the background without your knowledge.

    We are using Crowdsourcing and Machine learning techniques to detect information leakage and without accessing any of the private information ourselves. The approach works well in the lab conditions, now we want to test it in the real world and the more users we get the better.


    The app is available in PlayStore now. You can analyze the information presented in the app and it can reveal many interesting findings of the apps you use which will help you enhance your privacy.

    Click Connect button on home screen and use your phone as normally you do. After some time you can see some of your apps appearing in the Tabs and you can see the information we think might be sensitive which apps are sending out. You can mark it to be personal and mark to filter from next time. Do remember if you want to filter any information enable filtering from Settings menu in the app.

    I would really appreciate if as many of you could install the app. If you have any queries about the project or otherwise do let me know. for more details, you can visit the project website https://privacyproxy.io/

    Gaurav Srivastava

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  3. Gaurav Srivastava

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    It's currently in the correct forum after I moved it. ;) All is good!
  5. Old thread but interesting
  6. ocnbrze

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    yeah and that is plagiarism......and those people who get caught most likely will get expelled......so i would not recommend this to anyone.
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    Thank you for your information. Share, This would be really really useful.

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