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Reset loop with Android 10 without Ethernet ? Android skype always want Wifi ?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by scpaul, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. scpaul

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    Dear Android Develop/ enthusiast friends,

    Hope you all are all in good health and doing good.

    I am basically a Electronic hardware guy with limited knowledge on Android.

    With some efforts in last few weekends I could successfully install an Android 10 build into my raspberry Pi 4 single board computer.

    This works all right when the Ethernet is always connected.

    1. When Ethernet it disconnected it goes into a reset loop and even does not connect to wifi with correct password? Can anybody share how to move forward to solve this ? You can see this failure at the end of the below video link which I posted on youtube.

    2. When I start skype it does not connect always, probably because skype for Android always looks for an wifi connection… so it fails to sign me in. Work around >> with skype lite I can log in.

    Can anybody guide me how to force skype to sign in using the Ethernet in Android?

    In some attempts when I was lucky to connect the wifi and sign in skype.. then it works all right even when I later connect my Ethernet.

    Kind regards,


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