Help reset my phone.....


ok so i have been having issues when i remove my battery and my sd card comes "removed"m by itself so when i remove the battery and start my phone back it it wont boot. ive tried everything including some sort of zip file to reboot it and idk what i'm doing wrong cuz it wont recover or anything jsut stays in a slow loop and restarts. i cleared off my sd card even to start new...any ideas please?


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Can you get into your bootloader screen? The phone should boot up even without an sd card.
How old is the battery?
If you can boot into the bootloader screen, you can clear storage from there then reboot. But keep in mind, you will lose all your data but at this point you cannot get the phone to stop bootlooping correct?
It sounds as if you are not rooted based on what you said your recovery screen looks like.
Can you post back here what your bootloader screen says?
And what do you mean by, you tried a .zip file to reboot?
Sorry for all the questions, just need more info is all:)