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My phone is having some strange problems, like recently made calls no longer come up on the call log. The GO SMS no longer shows groups, and both the built-in SMS program, and the GO SMS no longer allow me to do voice to text (error message: "couldn't connect). Should I reset the whole phone? Uninstall GO SMS and reinstall? I've got My Backup Pro that backed up locally (I assume to a SD card), but I'm still apprehensive of resetting the whole thing. How will I access my backup if the My Backup Pro is no longer there because of the reset?


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Witout knowing the phone, that's difficult to answer, but MBP probably has a setting for where to store the backups. Store them on the SD card. Shut the phone off. Remove the SD card. Boot into recovery and wipe factory data and cache. Reboot the phone. Shut the phone off. Install the SD card. Turn the phone on. Install MBP from Play. (Play should still be there after a reset - if not, go to on a computer and install from there. (It'll say it's installed. Ignore that and click the button anyway and it'll install.

Now point MBP to the SD card and reinstall all your apps.


The phone is a Samsung GT-S5300, Android version 2.3.6. Sorry to be so technically challenged, but how do I wipe factory data and cache? I couldn't find anything like that in Settings or elsewhere, though I know I've seen it buried in the phone somewhere before.


No, my phone reset problem is not yet solved! I erased my phone as told, but for the last week have been having a challenging time getting My Backup Pro to redownload. It says, "Installed" on the website. When I click that, it says, "continue," which I click, and then it says, "MBP will be installed on your device soon." But nothing seems to happen. I've got phone next to my computer, connected to wifi and BT, waiting for something to happen, but nothing does. Nothing going on in the downloads folder. What can I do? I'm desperate to have my phone restored!