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Resetting Open With settings

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Mar 11, 2016.

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    This question has to do with Android Chrome and I have already posted it on the Google Chrome forum but I wanted to post it here in the hope that someone might have a solution for the problem. -------

    I have a tablet with Android 5.0 and Chrome 49.0.2623.91 installed.

    I have done something, don't know what, which has changed the way files are downloaded. I use ES File Explorer and it has a Download Manager and that is what I want to use when downloading files. The particular file type I'm interested, at the moment, is .epub.

    As installed, Chrome would ask me what application to use when I clicked a link for an .epub file. Now it just says, "Downloading..." and does not give me the option to specify the application.

    I have gone to settings->apps-->chrome and clicked on Clean Defaults but that does not resolve the issue.

    I've also gone to setting-->apps and clicked the menu icon at the top left corner - it is a vertical row of 3 dots - and then clicked Reset app preferences. That also does not resolve the problem.

    An example of a link that used to ask me what application to open is https://archive.org/details/AstoundingScienceFictionv43n6

    Scroll down to "DOWNLOAD OPTIONS" and you'll see a link for an EPUB file - that is the type of link I'm talking about.

    I had selected ES File Manager Download Manager as the "also" application and it worked as I wanted it to.

    Now, as I said above, instead of downloading the file using the ES Download Manager, Chrome simply displays "Downloading..." and the download does not appear in the ES Download Manager -- yes, the file is downloaded but I Download Manager does not have an entry for it.

    Any ideas as to how to reset things so that Chrome will ask me what application to use to open the file so I can chose the application I want used?


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