Resetting People to show the contacts stored in Phone?


I was having a problem with all applications syncing on my device the past 2 days. Well I seem to have this resolved (mostly) but there is a new problem I created in the process, my phone contacts no longer show up under People in Android 2.3.4.

here's the details:

- in the process of fixing my sync, I went into Contacts (People) and unchecked Yahoo and Google (didn't wish to sync these to my phone right now) but KEPT the one marked Phone checked. anyway through clicking various things somehow all my People are wiped out (fortunately there were not many stored yet as I was still adding these).

But is there a way to fix this?? Because the contacts are still in my phone somewhere, they're just not visible when I open People and click All. only my own contact info is shown. yet if I go to Messages and click on the contact person's name from a text msg, then I can see their contact card and even Edit it. Upon saving however, it still does not appear under People.



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Are you sure they aren't on Google? On Android, the default saving location is Google. Even if you uncheck Google in contacts, it will still sync. Re-enable Google in contacts, then go to Menu>Settings>Accounts and Sync>Google>uncheck contacts if you don't want to sync the contacts to Google.


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yes this helped thanks.

you're right in that, when I initially started adding contacts to my new device, they were added as Google. I didn't really want this anyway, but noticed it when adding new contacts later it was the default option.

so I ended up doing what I probably would've done anyway, which is disable Google contacts and that's when everything suddenly went away and I couldn't figur eout why.

then I ended up adding my contacts as "Phone" contacts (which I thought they already were...... bzzzzzzt, wrong). of course I had to go into gmail and remove them from there as well. I don't think there is a way to "convert" them from Google contacts to Phone contacts in the Edit screen. not that I ever found anyway.

Thanks for response........