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Apps Resizing and relocating images/text (similar to powerpoint), on android

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by DeeJayCruiser, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. DeeJayCruiser

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    Hey all i'm a budding programmer under the tutelage of a more experienced programmer and we're kinda at odds

    Basically i thought of a concept of developing an application that allows users to create presentations, and on the back end allowing the user to resize and relocate the images/text on screen so that they can freely design each page of their presentation. now it's not entirely like powerpoint, i know powerpoint can do a whole lot more, but this feature alone is where my mentor and i disagree.

    My mentor tells me it is an incredibly difficult feat to do on Android and would take months just to implement a feature that allows users to relocate and rescale images and text (jsut to clarify, i mean in powerpoint for example when you insert an image you can drag the image to make it bigger or smaller, and also drag it anywhere on the screen)

    I'm currently using a virtual android emulator to tinker with the interface and learn the ropes, but i'm wondering if maybe i'm getting too ahead myself in thinking that this feature could be implemented, and isn't as difficult as my mentor is making it out to be

    Any feedback would be reallyy appreciated.



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