Root [Resolved] Stuck in Reboot Loop


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I had MeanBean v1.9 on my phone and wanted to try out CM10. I did a TWRP backup to the SD card.
I downloaded and installed Flash Image GUI, pointed it to the CM10 zip file and it loaded the kernel and rebooted to recovery. I then flashed CM10 and it booted fine. I didn't enjoy CM10 so now I need to go back to my backed up MB v1.9.
I booted into recovery and flashed MeanBean v1.9 assuming it would install the kernel like the original install did for me.

When the installation is complete, if you see the word "Look!" in large text, a new boot.img was flashed and you are not done yet! In that case, continue to the next step. If you do NOT see the word "Look!", you can reboot and you are done flashing.
It looks like this did not happen because I got stuck in a reboot loop. I did deleted Cache and D cache and same thing. I then did a super wipe (smw6180_superwipe) and loaded MB v1.9 again and same thing is happening.

Then, I flashed CM10 thinking the CM10 kernel might still be installed hoping to get back into the phone so I could install Flash Image GUI so I could install the MeanBean kernel but that still gets stuck in a reboot loop.

I tried to Restore the TWRP backup for MB v1.9 and that gets stuck in reboot, too.

I have the SDK tools installed and I am trying to connect via ADB but it keeps reporting no devices when I adb devices. The screen is on the Fastboot screen and it says Fastboot USB on top.

Hboot 2.09.0000

Any suggestions, please?


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I think I got it. I did a fastboot devices and it shows:
HT26LS###### fastboot (not sure if those number are secret so I put #'s)

Now I copied the boot.img to the platform-tools folder and did:
C:\platform-tools>fastboot flash boot boot.img
sending 'boot' (6070 KB)...
OKAY [ 0.851s]
writing 'boot'...
OKAY [ 1.524s]
finished. total time: 2.377s

C:\platform-tools>fastboot reboot-bootloader
rebooting into bootloader...
OKAY [ 0.078s]
finished. total time: 0.078s

Flashing superwipe and MeanBean v1.9 now. hoping for good results.


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Yeah, I got it working now. Whew.

I thought the same. When I *first* installed MB 1.7 I had to flash it two times in a row, first for the boot.img and second for the ROM but this time it didn't work that way.
Luckily I kept searching and figured out a little more info on using ADB/command prompt and that got me there.